Julie Dzurnak

Division of Culture and the Arts

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a background in history and art history, Julie decided to continue her studies and is a current graduate student at San Francisco State University.  As a museum studies student she knew she had to experience first-hand all the Smithsonian had to offer.  “I would have been happy to just spend time walking through the exhibits and looking at all the unique collections from the perspective of a visitor.”  Instead, her internship with the Graphic Arts Department at the NMAH has allowed her to look at the museum collections more closely from the other side of the glass.  Learning best practices for accessioning, cataloging, handling, and storing objects in the collection have been a few of her daily tasks.  With supervisor Joan Boudreau, she also has assisted in researching prints collected from government surveys during the nineteenth century.  A major goal of the project has been to connect objects from the NMAH collections with objects from a range of Smithsonian departments and in doing so provide a more detailed and comprehensive look at the topic of exploration and expansion.  “Seeing how such a large museum functions and maintains its commitment to collecting, preserving, and interpreting America’s past has been an experience unlike any other, and I know it will influence all of my future endeavors.”