S. Xavier Carnegie

S. Xavier Carnegie

Creative Director, Museum Theater Programs

Xavier is the actor, writer, and director behind the museum's signature theatre programs, such as the award-winning Join The Student Sit-Ins, the Time Trials of Benedict Arnold and John Brown, as well as a presenter and performer for the Smithsonian Institution.  Whether it's a musical performance, stage managing technical aspects, or directing digital media pieces, Xavier works tirelessly to bring a more theatrical and creative experience to visitors and guests.

He has presented on educational and museum theatre all over the world, including in Washington, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, Australia.  His expertise in making museum theatre relevant and evocative has been consulted by diverse institutions like the Capitol Visitor's Center, the Library of Congress, the National Park Service, the Ipswich Museum, the Young Playwright's Theater, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative, the International Museum Theatre Alliance (IMTAL), and George Washington University.

Also, Xavier is the host of the five episode television series Seriously Amazing Objects, a program connecting the public to the objects in the museum, on the Smithsonian Channel.

You can most easily find him around Washington, performing in his original rock project, titled "rex," or maybe in a play or musical around the city.  And if you look closely, you might recognize his face or voice on screens and posters around the museum...