Janice Lilja

Janice Lilja

Associate Director

M.A., School of Education, Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University
B.A. With distinction, Honors in History, Stanford University

Role in Museum: 

Executive oversight and coordination for the Office of Management and Museum Services which comprises the museums financial and administrative services, exhibit design and production, project management, facilities, human resources, information technology, photographic services and public space design. Also serves as liaison for security, building management, and Smithsonian Enterprises.


Jan joined the National Museum of American History in 2007. Previously, she served 17 years in the Federal Senior Executive Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Positions she held at USDA included Associate CIO for Telecommunications Services and Operations; Acting Deputy Administrator for Management, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS); Associate Deputy Administrator for Special Nutrition Programs (WIC, School Nutrition, and nutrition education/technical support); and Director of the Office of Analysis and Evaluation, FNS. She is experienced at harnessing new technology to accomplish program goals. Her accomplishments at USDA include success as the Y2K executive for all of the nation’s food stamp and nutrition programs, federal as well as throughout the states and territories; meaningful contributions to the multi-year effort to replace Food Stamp coupons with EBT; and leading the effort to design and install a new national telecommunications network for the Department.

Prior to joining the USDA, Jan was the Deputy Director of the Washington Office for the State of New Jersey, specializing in budget, appropriations, health, human resources and education legislation. She also worked on Capitol Hill for six years as a professional Senate Committee staff member and as a policy analyst for elementary and secondary education and youth employment programs at the Congressional Budget Office.

Professional Affiliations: 

Member, National Capital Area Combined Federal Campaign Executive Board


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