Rob Duguay

Rob Duguay

Music, Sports and Entertainment

Rob Duguay is pursuing his master’s degree in music and jazz performance at William Patterson University in New Jersey. He describes his internship experience as amazingly productive, full of learning and beautifully intelligent people, and simply fun!

Rob’s internship focused on research highlighting 25 controversies that have arisen over the 100-year history of jazz. This research will contribute to a book that Rob’s supervisor, Curator John Hasse, is planning on jazz conflicts and controversies. Rob loved furthering his own knowledge of the field and was also amazed by the amount of work it takes to write a book.

Attending planning meetings for the Museum’s well-known Jazz Appreciation Month, a Museum-initiated, worldwide effort to promote jazz each April, was also a big plus for Rob. He thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the planning for such a large-scale event and brainstorming on possible venues, artists, and funding sources.

Rob also helped the curator prepare for several lectures, create photo presentations, and critique proposals for an International Exhibition of Jazz. He also worked with staff to move some of the collections in preparation for the Museum’s upcoming renovation.-

All in all, Rob says that his experience was nothing but positive and enlightening. This was one of the few jobs he has had where he didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.