Bob Uhler

NMAH Board Member; Chairman & CEO, MWH Global Inc.

Mr. Bob Uhler is serving in his tenth year as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MWH Global Inc. He has acted as MWH’s chief business strategist for some 20 years through various corporate leadership positions. Marking his 34th year in the company, Bob has helped lead the MWH evolution from one country to 36; and from $100M in total revenue to over $1.5B. MWH is ranked as the market share leader in global water infrastructure engineering by UK, South Pacific and US industry journals. MWH is a unique global single sector, ‘pure play’ water/environmental corporation.

Bob was raised the son of a West Point army officer and attended some numerous primary and secondary schools following his dad’s transfers. He chose to follow in the footsteps of the family’s military service by attending the U.S. Military Academy. Graduating from West Point in the top 25% of his 1968 class he entered a wartime army. He was trained as an airborne Ranger commander and served with decorated distinction in Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Division. Upon returning from the war, he decided to resign from the military. From 1972 to 1974, he attended the University of Florida Graduate Program, graduating in 1973 with a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering.

In 1976, he joined then James M. Montgomery, Consulting Engineers (the U.S. predecessor of MWH) in Pasadena, California as a design engineer in water treatment. Bob was design engineer of record in some 20 water treatment facilities. His most noted design project is the Living Seas Pavilion at Disney World in Orlando. Over a 30+ year career with Montgomery, Bob served in progressive positions as a project engineer, division engineer, branch manager, regional group manager, chief of corporate strategy, Industrial and Federal Sector COO, Americas President and, finally, the Chairman and CEO of the global corporation.

Today, Bob serves on the Dean’s Advisory Committee for both the University of Florida and the University of Colorado Denver Business School. He is often asked to talk to business schools or professional organizations on MWH strategy. Under his leadership, MWH has evolved through a disciplined sequential approach of geographical and client set expansion, widening the service offering and finally automating the delivery system. He has continually advocated the use of IT or information technology and intellectual property to create synergy differentiation and value. MWH’s Knowledge Management (KM) system was voted by Data Magazine the Best Business Intelligence System for U.S. Corporations in 2003. MWH’s KM approach has been documented in several business school case studies. MWH’s present strategy includes the use of its Indian Intellectual Property Development Center to reinvent the method of project delivery through repeat templates and IP tools.

Bob resides outside of Denver, Colorado. He and his wife, Lynne, have two children. His daughter is in graduate school at Southern Methodist University and his son is a computer software advisor. His hobbies include the significant collections of historical signatures, art, antique decoys and Greek/medieval coins. His off work enjoyment is found in the study of the American Civil War period, particularly the Gettysburg campaign and Lincoln.