Maud Emily Louisa Steinway Paige

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Maud Emily (b April 6, 1889, New York City; d April 21, 1976, New York City) was the third child and first daughter of William Steinway and Elizabeth Ranft.(3) At William's death in 1896 she was left a young orphan and raised, along with her two brothers Theodore E. and William R. Steinway, by her half-sister, Paula Steinway von Bernuth. Maud lived with Paula, her husband, and their children until the time of Mauds marriage to Horace Ray Paige in November of 1910.(3)(11)(12) He was a 1908 graduate of Yale University. (1) That marriage produced two daughters: Audrey Helen Paige, born December 24, 1913 in New York and Shirley Maude Paige, born June 23, 1917 in New York.(3)

William frequently mentioned Maud in the Diary with affection and praise--from the day of her birth (Diary, 1889-04-06), through her baby years (Diary, 1890-04-21, 09-03), to her childhood. (Diary, 1895-04-06) His diary entries included many occasions when he enjoyed her antics.(Diary, 1890-08-08, 08-21) William reported activities that he did with her, often including his grandchildren as well.(Diary, 1893-10-09, 1894-07-07) As with his other children, William showed concern and reported on her childhood illnesses.(Diary, 1893-02-14, 1895-07-13) During a period of about six weeks he made frequent diary entries when Maud, her brother Theodore, and Willie von Bernuth had to be moved because the other young children had contracted scarlet fever.(Diary, 1894-01-02, 01-10) William was delighted when Maud could return home.(Diary, 1894-20-13) On several occasions, William noted his pleasure at Mauds accomplishments, such as her progress in learning German.(Diary, 1893-12-03, 1894-03-24)

Steinway Mansion, circa 1895" src="" alt="Maud Steinway Paige as a child at the Steinway Mansion, circa 1895" width="193" height="239" />

Maud Steinway as a child at the Steinway Mansion, circa 1895

Maud was nearly four years old when her mother suddenly died in March 1893. Paula then moved into Williams home with her family to care for the household. William continued to be an attentive father in the years that followed. Maud was only several months older than her niece, Meta von Bernuth, who was born in January of 1890 and was the first child of Paula.(Diary 1890-01-10) The two girls naturally were together often. In the Diary there are numerous reports on the two girls together at events or sharing activities, particularly in the years following the death of Mauds mother.(Diary, 1893-07-09, 12-24, 1894-12-24, 1895-06-06) This closeness of the children no doubt helped Maud when she and her brothers were cared for by Paula and her husband, following Williams death in 1896.

In 1920, Maud and husband Horace travelled to the Far East with Meta von Bernuth. After the trip, the couple lived with Paula von Bernuth and family in New York City. (6)(13) However, Mauds marriage was clearly a rocky one and in October of 1922, she applied for a passport for herself and her two young children, stating that she intended to go abroad for a period of approximately two years to France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.(14) This trip was made without her husband, and she returned to New York in May of 1923.(7) By 1925, she was again living in Paris with the children, where she filed for and was granted a divorce from her husband Horace R. Paige on the grounds of indifference. Though a Paris address was given for Horace, he was actually residing in New York. (10) The following year, her former husband was sued for $1 million by the financier Charles Burnham Squier for alienation of affection of his former wife Olive, who was by then married to Horace Paige and had returned with him to New York from Europe in 1926.(8) (9)

Maud's daughter Audrey would marry first William Werner Reidemeister of New York City in 1939, his second marriage and a man twelve years her senior.(2) He was the son of Friedrich Reidemeister, a long-time employee of Steinway & Sons. This union ended in divorce. In 1947, she married Thomas E Lovejoy, Jr. producing one child, Shirley, still living (as of 2012). (5) Shirley married Charles M. Bernuth in 1942. The reception, which was hosted at the home of her uncle Theodore E Steinway, then president of Steinway and Sons, was attended by both Horace and Maud.(4) Maud died in New York in 1976 and is interred in the family mausoleum at Green-Wood Cemetery.(3)



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