Lese Verein (Reading Club)

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The Lese Verein in New York was one of many social clubs in in the city.

"These clubs existed for social gatherings, sometimes for literary purposes, such as sharing the latest research or publications."(4) The Lese Verein owned its own building with a restaurant located in the 'Pulverturm', corner of 54th St. and 3rd Ave.(2)(3) William and Theodore Steinway along with Joseph Neustaedter of the Arion and Eberspacher of the Liederkranz, among others, were part of the founders of the Lese Verein of the 19th Ward.(1) Many a reading club maintained a library of German and English literature and also hosted lectures and dramatic readings. William visited the Lese Verein in Bonn, Germany. (Diary, 1871-08-22)



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