Matthias Hans Ludwig von Blumenthal

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Matthias Hans Ludwig von Blumenthal (b March 30, 1855 in Berlin, d May 7, 1945 in Vehlow, Brandenburg, Germany) married Lillian Steinway-Oaks, the eldest of three daughters of William Steinway's brother Henry Engelhardt Jr. and Ernestine Miller Steinway Oaks in Baden-Baden, Germany. Known as Hans, Matthias descended from a Prussian military family. After Henry Steinway Jr.'s death, Lillian's mother Ernestine Miller Steinway married Charles J. Oaks, whose name the daughters adopted.

Matthias' parents were Carl Eduard Ludwig von Blumenthal and Luise von Burgsdoff. (3) Matthias was a officer in the Imperial Army and also the nephew of the German Field Marshall Count Leonhard von Blumenthal, whom William had briefly met in 1871 in Saarbrücken, Germany, (Diary, 1871-06-08) and whose 85th birthday he also noted in his diary. (Diary, 1895-07-31)(2) William noted his niece Lillian's engagement (Diary, 1883-04-24) and in September sent a telegram congratulating the couple on their marriage (Diary, 1883-09-19) but it did not take place until October in Baden-Baden, Germany. The young couple resided in Berlin (Diary, 1888-09-18) where William visited them but later lived in Gundelsheim, near Heidelberg.

Matthias Hans Ludwig and Lillian had four children: Hans George (b July 20, 1884 d in action August 8, 1915); Marie Louise Clarissa (b October 25, 1887, d May 24, 1971)(1); Matthias Kurt (b September 24, 1888, committed suicide with his wife Ilse de Gruyter on May 1, 1945 when the Russians occupied Vehlow; (4) and Ewald (b 1892, d 1894 at the age of 1 year and 9 months). (Diary, 1894-04-18)



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