Theodore Clemens Friedrich Vogel

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Theodore Clemens Friedrich Vogel (b. May 17, 1829, Dresden, Germany; d. May 13, 1864, New York) was William Steinway's brother-in-law, the first husband of Wilhelmina Steinway.(3) Vogel also worked at Steinway & Sons.(2)

Vogel married Wilhelmina Steinway in 1852. Together they had four daughters, Louisa (1853-1898), Clara (1855-1856), Anna (May-Dec 1861) and Albertine (1863-1934).(3)

Vogel worked at Steinway & Sons, replacing Charles G. Steinway as "regulator" in 1856. "Regulating" is the "critical set of operations in which the instrument receives its final adjustments."(2) As a member of the family, he also was present at many social and musical events that included William and other family members.(Diary, 1861-10-31, 1863-03-05, 1864-04-05)

Vogel served for a time during the Civil War in the Union Army from New York. He is recorded as a member of the New York Third Regiment, First Brigade, First Division, Company D, with the rank of 1st Lieutenant as of October 2, 1862.(1)

In May 1864, William wrote of Vogel's rheumatism: "Theo Vogel feels Rheumatism in Right leg having caught cold the day before."(Diary, 1864-05-09) Even though his leg was hurting him, Vogel assisted William in showing guests around the factory at 52nd Street on the occasion of the opening of the newly constructed Steinway Hall on 14th Street.(Diary, 1864-05-10) The following day Vogel remained in bed and by the morning of May 12 was very ill and "sinks rapidly and suffers grate pain and breathes his last at 20 minutes before 7 P.M."(Diary 1864-05-12)

Vogel's funeral occurred three days later with the Third Regiment of the NYSM Cavalry accompanying the body to the ferry and Troop D accompanying it to Green-Wood Cemetery where he was interred in the Steinway family lot.(4)(Diary, 1864-05-15)


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