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Death of Albert Steinway
New York, May 14th 1877.


bitterly, just having been told of their fathers death. We decide to have the funeral services to take place at Steinway Hall, Wednesday at 1 P.M. Take dinner at 6 P.M. home. Two Reporters of the Sun call on me Telegram had notice of my death. Retire at 10 PM

May 15th Tuesday.

Lovely day but for me everything is dark & dreary. Obituary Notices are all right, Busy arranging for funeral with Günsel, decorator, Diehl, and Rietzel for Music. Luther calls, with him and the three boys at Schulers to Lunch. In forenoon receive the following cable despatch "Treffe Vorbereitung zu kommen, fasse Muth, stehe fest zu euch" Theodor Steinway. In afternoon I telegraph to him "Herzlichen Dank Bleibe bis Juni Briefe abwarten" William. At 6 P.M. stagger home, find a bible there with a few lines, directing my attention to Mathew chapter 11th verse and utterly break down under it sobbing as though my heart would break. Fred Steins takes supper with us. He remains til 10 P.M. when I retire, having uneasy sleep and dreams.

|| X

May 16th Wed.

It is raining but soon clears up, becoming a glorious day. Our small Hall is finely draped and being got into shape in the forenoon. Many flowers are sent, one beautiful tower by Albert Weber. I feel as though I were stupefied and in a trance. Have Crape put around my hat, with Luther at Monument House, returning at 12½ am seized with a paroxysm of grief & despair in my office of the most alarming kind, in the meanwhile the funeral services go on in the smaller Hall where Alberts body