The greatest threats to a submerged submarine are fire and flooding. Although the threats rarely materialize, submariners have a wide range of equipment to combat them and conduct regular drills.

OBA (Oxygen Breathing Apparatus)
Fire and smoke are among the most feared hazards in a submarine. The OBA is an emergency device designed to allow crewmen to breathe and see during damage control for fires or other "casualties." The full face mask connects with tubes to the apparatus hanging on the crewmanis chest. Pulling the cord lights a "candle," which initially generates oxygen; then other chemicals in the small green canister remove carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. Typically, 15 OBAs are located around the boat, allowing mobility and flexibility in responding to emergencies. Other crew members rely on emergency breathing masks (EABs), which can be connected to manifolds located throughout the ship to provide breathable air.

Steam Suit
Ships throughout the U.S. Navy, including submarines, use high-pressure steam, and they all carry steam suits. Should a steam pipe spring a leak, the suits protect crewmen from scalding while they make emergency repairs.

Damage Control Tool Roll (Red), Bolt Cutter, and Spill Kit Roll (Purple)
Damage control tool rolls, bolt cutters, and spill kits are located throughout the boat for emergencies. Tool rolls contain equipment for repairing ruptured piping or leaks. Bolt cutters can be used to cut away damaged equipment. Spill kits provide the gear to contain and remove radioactive water from an accidental spill or leak.

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