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Civil Suit

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Contractor specification sheet

The El Monte shop assembled a variety of garments for retailers, manufacturers, and other contractors. Following the raid, federal authorities prosecuted the sweatshop operators on criminal charges, while the workers sued the companies that contracted with the El Monte shop for back wages.

Montgomery Ward, Mervyn's, Bum International, L.F. Sportswear, Miller's Outpost, F-40, Ms. Tops, Topson Downs, Beniko, and Balmara made no admission of wrongdoing but agreed to pay more than $2.5 million to the 150 workers who labored in the El Monte sweatshop and its front operation over the years. Litigation continues against one remaining company, Tomato Inc.

As in most cases of sweatshop production, these 11 organizations contend that they did not knowingly contract with operators who were violating the law.

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