Because the history of disability is the history of people, it is layered with objects, innovation, struggle, emotion, drama, and surprise. The group “People with Disabilities” has always been the largest “minority” group in America. This reality raises one of the most ignored questions in history is: Why is disability seldom a part of the story? This hub gathers together various aspects of the museum that place people who are different, atypical, non-normative, or diverse --and consequently tagged as disabled or impaired --in the story of America, where everyone belongs.


Join us July 22-26, 2015 as we mark
the 25th anniversary of the
Americans with Disabilites Act


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A red object that looks like a bobsled with a ski attached to the bottom and two arm braces on the sides
Crop of image also used in full post. A little girl with her eyes closed gently touches the webbed foot of the lion. Her facial expression is happy--we see her in silhouette. The lion's poofy made is visible.
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