The National Museum of American History contains many stories of innovation—and innovative things—that reflect the American peoples’ insatiable desire for game-changing ideas and new ways of doing things. From this page, you can discover resources online and in the Museum that tell some of these stories.

Explore Innovation at the National Museum of American History

New exhibitions, hands-on learning spaces, programs, and performances offer visitors multiple ways to explore stories of forward-looking innovations—innovations that are key to understanding the spirit of optimism that is such an important part of American history.

Also, learn more about this topic from the Museum's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

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Postcard-sized illustration in color featuring three children. Two little boys light fireworks and play with toy soldiers while a little girl covers her ears and clutches a doll. Text reads "Wishing you a glorious 4th of July" in gold.
A cubed machine that is beige and brown in color. It has a switch near its base and a plug. Some features protrude from it, including a white piece on the top that has slats in it.
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