Experience The Nation We Build Together as the National Museum of American History opens signature exhibitions and interactive experiences on June 28, 2017 in the newly renovated west wing of its second floor.

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Centered on the ideas and ideals of America, the exhibitions – American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith; Many Voices, One Nation; Religion in Early America; and Within These Walls… – provide an impactful look into the context of the country’s founding and its evolution today. In Unity Square, visitors will find a new level of public engagement with hands-on activities and theater programs that include a spotlight on one of the Museum’s national treasures, the Greensboro Lunch Counter.


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A statue or object resembling the statue of Liberty. The robe and crown are a mint green color and The statue holds an apple up. There are more in a container she holds at her side. She has dark hair and olive brown skin.
A lobby with glass cases of objects and a stairway. The ceiling is a lurid red. In the center is a lego statue resembling the statue of liberty, resting on a large rectangular display with short glass walls surrounding it that have signage on it.
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