American Giving

The Philanthropy initiative
With the launch of the Philanthropy Initiative, the National Museum of American History embarked on a long-term project to collect, research, document, and exhibit materials relating to the history and impact of American philanthropy. Changing exhibits, programs, and public outreach explore the collaborative power of giving in all forms and at all levels across a wide spectrum of issues and movements.

Coinciding with #GivingTuesday, the museum launched a collecting project, gathering photos and captions from the public that represent giving in America today. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving on which individuals, communities, businesses, and other organizations come together to donate gifts of time, talent, expertise, and funding.

See the Giving in America preview cases in American Stories and join us on December 1, 2015, for a special program featuring objects-out-of-storage and and the opportunity to participate in the #AmericanGiving activity