Hamilton Costume

Costume worn by Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway
Lin-Manuel Miranda wore this costume in his portrayal of Hamilton during the eponymous Broadway musical about the Founding Father. View object record
James Nederlander
President of The Nederlander Organization  

This is an incredible show as well, but here is a perfect example of social media influencing Broadway. I have kids coming up to me — six, seven years old — who say, “You know, I know the whole score of Hamilton.”

“Really? Have you seen it?” “No, I just downloaded it.”

This is a perfect example of not only a great show but a great score. The music is downloaded all over the world. I learned more with this show than I did in school about history. I also talk to teachers and say, “If you haven’t seen Hamilton, try to make a point of it because it’s a different way of learning.”

De Smith
Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association 

I come from a family that made us go see the arts as little kids because they felt it would make us more rounded. We saw everything from Cats to Fiddler on the Roof to Rent. Paying it forward, I got to take my own kids to see Hamilton. For me, it was far more of a reconnection to my family history, I think, than the obvious — that it’s an incredible performance and interesting and revolutionary way of telling a story.

That was my kids’ first big Broadway show that they saw. They never saw Rent. They never saw Stomp. They never saw the precursors to this way of telling a story, so it was fun to have that family connection and watch their minds get blown the way my mind was blown the first time I saw Rent or Stomp

James Guerinot
Owner of Rebel Waltz Inc. 

There is something about live theater that's really powerful. We saw Hamilton downtown, and it floored us. I got the soundtrack and started listening to the music. I took my older kids. The music was in our house nonstop, just nonstop.