Jacket from Rent

jacket from "Rent" worn by Wilson Jermain Heredia
Jacket from the musical Rent, worn by performer Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Angel. The show opened April 29, 1996, and ran for 5,123 performances. View object record
Jeffrey Seller
Producer and CEO of Adventureland  

I cannot look at that coat without crying a little because it reminds me of both Angel and Jonathan. That coat captures the beauty of that character that Jonathan created and his love for pop culture and his love for New York City and his love for bohemianism and making something out of nothing.

James Nederlander
President of The Nederlander Organization  

Rent was one of the greatest shows ever made. I must have seen it over 20 times. When Rent came out, it was perfect because Alphabet City was a very tricky area to live in. It was a very raw area [of Manhattan]. Now there is Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. If Rent came out today, it would most likely work, but not to the extent that it did then. It is a great show, a great score, and you believed it. These kids were all trying to rise up in their fields, and it was very believable. If Rent had the social media world that we have today, it could still be playing. You never know because you couldn’t download things then. It was a show ahead of its time.