Sizing gauge developed by Jogbra, Inc., in the mid-1990s
Sizing gauge developed by Jogbra, Inc., in the mid-1990s. Co-designers Hinda Miller (who later became a Vermont state senator), Lisa Lindahl, and Polly Palmer-Smith created the first sports bra in the 1970s. View object record
Kay Koplovitz
Founder of USA Network and Syfy (formerly Sci-Fi Channel) and currently the Chairman and Co-Founder of Springboard Enterprises 

Women in sports have to have the proper type of clothing, and the proper bra support in whatever sport you play is quite important for comfort and for avoiding injury. It’s really important for women to have that. As women have risen, as a result of Title IX, so has our clothing. I do a lot of work raising capital for women entrepreneurs, and the Fashion Tech Lab is one of our initiatives. We’ve seen a lot of clothing innovations, such as the transmission of heart rate and blood pressure data from a device that is embedded in the clothing.

Cathy Keen
Former Curator, National Museum of American History 

It's easy for women athletes today to take the sports bra for granted, with so many brands and styles available at numerous retailers. The iconic image of soccer player Brandi Chastain ripping her shirt off at the 1999 Women's World Cup solidified the sports bra as an acceptable standalone piece of clothing—and fashion statement. But until the Jogbra's appearance in 1977, incalculable numbers of women were too discouraged to participate in impact sports such as running or aerobics because of the discomfort or embarrassment.