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 Woman in large polka dot dress sitting at gridded desk using a stamp and pad. Gilbreth motion clock in image, undated.



The Archives Center makes its collections both physically and intellectually accessible. Although not all collections are fully processed and described in a finding aid, a catalog entry for each collection is found in Collections Search Center, an online catalog containing most of the Smithsonian's major collections from our museums, archives, libraries, and research units. 

Finding aids are much more detailed, listing the contents of the collection, usually to the folder or box level and, occasionally, the item level. Many Archives Center collections have on-line finding aids with digital content which are available through Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives (SOVA). SOVA provides integrated access to descriptions and detailed inventories of thousands of primary resource collections maintained by archival units across the Smithsonian. 

Researchers are encouraged to conduct a Collections Search Center and SOVA search prior to contacting the Archives Center for additional information about the collections or to schedule an appointment.

Archives Center Collections

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Accessible Snowboard Collection, 1996-2000, NMAH.AC.0747
Account Book, 1872-1874, #291
Accoutrements/Archie McPhee Catalogs, 1985-2003, NMAH.AC.0837
Joe Adams Papers, 1948-2003, NMAH.AC.0908
Samuel Adams Papers, 1862-1933 (bulk 1862-1865), NMAH.AC.1310
Adaptive Mobility Oral History Collection, 2015-2014, NMAH.AC.1359
Richard Adlard Collection, 1936-1998, NMAH.AC.0692
Charles Adler, Jr., Collection, 1899-1980, NMAH.AC.0351
Solomon Adler Papers, 1916-1980, bulk 1950-1966, NMAH.AC.1157
"Adventures in Science" Radio Programs, 1955-1956, NMAH.AC.0223
Advertising Council 1990 Census Advertising Collection, 1990, NMAH.AC.0372
African American Cosmetic and Food Label Collection, 1934-1946, NMAH.AC.0480
African American Family Photographs, circa 1900-circa 2000, NMAH.AC.1127
African American Portrait Tintypes, circa 1865-1900, NMAH.AC.0515
African American Snapshots, 1929-1933, NMAH.AC.0732
Agriculture & Brick Account Book, 1824-1846, NMAH.AC.0057
G. W. Aimar Drug Company Records, 1864-1972, NMAH.AC.0810
Aladdin Industries Inc. Records, 1889-2003, NMAH.AC.0844
Alabama Mining Institute Photographs, NMAH.AC.1004
Albany Billiard Ball Company Records, 1870-1974, NMAH.AC.0011
William H. Albro Store Ledgers, 1845-1895, NMAH.AC.0166
Tony Alderman Country Music Collection, 1927-1983, NMAH.AC.0211
Alka-Seltzer Documentation & Oral History Collection, 1953-1986, NMAH.AC.0184
Alexander Alland, Sr., Photo Print Collection, 1932-1943, NMAH.AC.0204
Alexander Binder Company Records, 1903-1965, bulk 1921-1955, NMAH.AC.1100
Horatio Allen Papers, 1840-1872, NMAH.AC.1447
Ally and Gargano, Inc., Print Advertisements, 1962-circa 1995, NMAH.AC.0938
American Academy of Environmental Engineers "Excellence in Environmental Engineering" Awards Collection, 1988-2006, NMAH.AC.0591
American Bank Note Company Records, 1860-1987, NMAH.AC.1285
American Family Photographs Collection, circa 1996-1997, NMAH.AC.0636
American Furniture Industries Survey Collection, 1978-1980, NMAH.AC.0286
American Institute Science Laboratory Collection, circa 1941-2006, NMAH.AC.1380
American National Standards Institute -- X3L2 Committee Records, 1969-1979, NMAH.AC.0311
American Petroleum Institute Photograph and Film Collection, 1860s-1980s, NMAH.AC.0711
American Public Power Association Collection on Public Utilities, 1950-1982, NMAH.AC.1337
American Public Works Association "Top Ten Public Works Projects of the Century -- "1900-2000" Nominations, 1999-2000, NMAH.AC.0983
American Relief Administration, European Children's Fund Collection, 1919-1921, NMAH.AC.1199
American Scale & Service Company Records, 1912-1956, NMAH.AC.0010
American Society of Civil Engineers Fellows Collection, 1929-1969, NMAH.AC.0229
American Wine Documentation Project, 1976-2013, NMAH.AC.0817
AMF Automatic Pin Spotter Records, 1947-1996, NMAH.AC.0823
Analogue Music Synthesizer Oral History Project, 1996-1998, NMAH.AC.0640
Harold M. Anderson Black Wall Street Film Collection, 1948-1952, NMAH.AC.1197
John R. Anderson Piano Trade Literature Collection, circa 1850-1990, NMAH.AC.1257
William "Cat" Anderson Collection, 1940-1981 (primarily 1963-1977), NMAH.AC.630
John-Manuel Andriote HOT STUFF: A BRIEF HISTORY OF DISCO Collection, 1976-2001, NMAH.AC.1184
John-Manuel Andriote Victory Deferred Collection, 1901-2008 (bulk 1995-1999), NMAH.AC.1128
Dr. Edward H. Angle Orthodontics Papers, 1893-1940, NMAH.AC.0724
Anglo-American Telegraph Company, Ltd. Records, 1866-1947, NMAH.AC.0073
Apostoloff Telephone Literature, 1895-1930, NMAH.AC.0581
William K. Applebaugh Papers, 1857-1926, NMAH.AC.0638
Archives Center 1968 Olympic Games Collection, 1968, NMAH.AC.1402
Archives Center 2002 Winter Olympics Collection, 2002, NMAH.AC.0806
Archives Center Advertising Hand Fan Collection, 20th Century, NMAH.AC.0809
Archives Center American Music Collection, circa 1950 to present, NMAH.AC.0795
Archives Center Brewing History Collection, 1968, NMAH.AC.1419
Archives Center Business Americana Collection, circa 1900-present, NMAH.AC.0404
Archives Center Carousel Collection, 1925-1994, NMAH.AC.0675
Archives Center Collection of Music Transcriptions of Duke Ellington, 1988-1989, undated, NMAH.AC.0430
Archives Center Cookbook Collection, 1920-2004, NMAH.AC.0510
Archives Center Ethnic Imagery Collection, 1889 and undated, NMAH.AC.1138
Archives Center Glass Plate Collection, circa 1910-1920, NMAH.AC.0246
Archives Center Lantern Slide Collection, circa 1890-1920, NMAH.AC.0686
Archives Center Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Collection, 1915-2020, bulk 1960-2019, NMAH.AC.1146
Archives Center Menu Collection, 1937-1999, NMAH.AC.1391
Archives Center Miscellaneous Film and Videotape Collection, 1930-1978, NMAH.AC.0358
Archives Center National Film Preservation Foundation Industrial Film Collection, 1914-1917, NMAH.AC.1435
Archives Center Photo Print Collection, circa 1870-1880, NMAH.AC.0496
Archives Center Portrait Collection, 19th-20th centuries, NMAH.AC.0392
Archives Center Postcard Collection, 20th-21st centuries, NMAH.AC.0483
Archives Center Poster Collection, 1910s-2016, NMAH.AC.0751
Archives Center Poster Stamp Collection, circa 1890s-1960s, NMAH.AC.1125
Archives Center Road Maps Collection, NMAH.AC.1295
Archives Center Scrapbook Collection, circa 1880s-2002, NMAH.AC.0468
Archives Center Shopping Bag Collection, circa 1980-2004, NMAH.AC.0570
Archives Center Sports Memorabilia Collection, circa 1970 to present, NMAH.AC.0796
Archives Center Stereograph Collection, circa 1910, NMAH.AC.0495
Archives Center Weddings Documentation Collection, 1945-2010, NMAH.AC.1131
Archives Center Wild West Collection, 1884-1917, NMAH.AC.1466
Archives Center World Expositions Collection, 1873-2010, NMAH.AC.0825
Archives of American Art Miscellany, circa 1933-1945, NMAH.AC.0850
Arden Family Papers, 1884-1950, NMAH.AC.0285
Clotilde Arias Papers, 1920, 1956, NMAH.AC.1164
James Arkatov Collection of Jazz Photographs, 1995-2003, NMAH.AC.1229
Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros Papers, 1920-2016, NMAH.AC.1430
Paul Armer Collection, 1949-1970, NMAH.AC.0323
Louis Armstrong Music Manuscripts, undated, NMAH.AC.0904
W. L. Armstrong Washingtoniana Glass Negative Collection, 1865-1885, NMAH.AC.0183
James Arthur Clock and Watch Collection, 1743-1967, NMAH.AC.0130
Artie Shaw "Begin the Beguine" Music Manuscripts, 1938, NMAH.AC.1381
Association for Computing Machinery, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Collection, 1958-1978, NMAH.AC.0462
Association of Hispanic Advertising Agency Papers, 1962-1995, NMAH.AC.1343
AT&T/Bell Film Collection, 1942-1978, NMAH.AC.0684
Atlas Imperial Engine Company Records, 1917-1968, NMAH.AC.0996
Charles Atlas Records, circa 1909-1998, NMAH.AC.0654
Atomic Clocks Reference Collection, undated, NMAH.AC.1265
Mike Augspurger Innovative Lives Presentation and Oral History, 1998; 2000; 2001, NMAH.AC.0689
N W Ayer Advertising Agency Records, 1849-1851, 1869-1996, NMAH.AC.0059
Waldemar A. Ayres Collection, 1954-1974, NMAH.AC.0077 

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Alfons Bach Papers, 1934-1992, NMAH.AC.1272
Emile Bachelet Collection, 1880s-1973, NMAH.AC.0302
Sandra & Gary Baden Collection of Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising, 1897-1979, NMAH.AC.0611
Leo H. Baekeland Papers, 1881-1968, NMAH.AC.0005
Ralph Baer Innovative Lives Presentation, August 15, 2009, NMAH.AC.1179
Ralph H. Baer Papers, 1943-2006, NMAH.AC.0854
Robert Bagby Stereographs and Lantern Slides, 1919-1970, NMAH.AC.1185
Anders K. Bak Papers, 1917-1970 (bulk 1920s), NMAH.AC.1065
Frances S. Baker Product Cookbooks, circa 1900-1993, NMAH.AC.0612
Baldwin Locomotive Works Engine Registers and Orders, 1833-1956, NMAH.AC.0157
Baldwin Locomotive Works Drawings, 1870-1890, NMAH.AC.0353
Baldwin Locomotive Works Scrapbooks, 1867-1929, NMAH.AC.1181
Baldwin Southwark Corporation Records, circa 1868-1945, NMAH.AC.1107
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Collection, circa 1826-1943, 1951, NMAH.AC.1086
Barden Family Papers, 1820s-1930s, NMAH.AC.0824
Jean Bartel Miss America 1943 Photographs, 1943-1970, undated, NMAH.AC.0902
Bartlett Hayward Company Records, 1882-1950, NMAH.AC.0993
P. T. Barnum Collection, 1873-1890, NMAH.AC.0068
Bartley Crucible and Refractories Company Records, 1909-1972, NMAH.AC.0348
Patricia Bath Innovative Lives Presentation and Interview, 2000, NMAH.AC.0753
Greville Bathe Papers, 1933-1967, NMAH.AC.0970
Baugh & Sons Company Glass Plate Negatives and Agricultural Ephemera, 1903-1914, NMAH.AC.1098
Lester Beall Collection, 1933-[circa 1967], NMAH.AC.1278
Richard S. Becker Collection of Alex Bradford Gospel Music Materials, 1953-1996, NMAH.AC.0761
E. R. Beers Electric Company Collection, 1909-1938, NMAH.AC.0232
John A. Beemer Papers, 1907-19565 NMAH.AC.0957
Royce L. Beers Papers, 1900-1969, NMAH.AC.0880
S. Joseph Begun Papers, 1888-2000 (bulk 1927-1995), NMAH.AC.0535
Barbara Beirne Portrait Photo Prints, 1980s, NMAH.AC.0356
Bell and Howell Company Drawings, 1946-1947, NMAH.AC.1293
Bendix Washing Machine Store Display Advertising Sign, 1940s, NMAH.AC.0350
Bennett Pottery Company Records, 1844-1881, NMAH.AC0.0213
Julius G. Berger Collection, 1909-1918, NMAH.AC.0075
Berlin Construction Company Records, 1890-1953, NMAH.AC.1032
Irving Berlin Collection, 1905-1987, NMAH.AC.0257
Irving Berlin at Camp Upton: Panoramic Photograph, 1918, NMAH.AC.1460
Lucian Bernhard Advertising Art Collection, 1920-2000, NMAH.AC.1161
Jonas Bernholm Rhythm and Blues Collection, 1976-1991, NMAH.AC.0551
Sid Bernstein Oral History Collection, 1989-1991, NMAH.AC.0434
Darrell Bertness Postcard Collection, mid-20th century, NMAH.AC.1190
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Mining Photographs, 1880-1993 (bulk (1947-1980), NMAH.AC.1242
Everett H. Bickley Collection, 1919-1980, NMAH.AC.0683
Peter J. Bier Papers, 1915-1970, NMAH.AC.0973
Billboards Photo Print Collection, 1920s, NMAH.AC.0284
Billings-Merriam Family Vaudeville Scrapbooks, 1890-1913, NMAH.AC.0079
Binney & Smith Inc., Records, 1897-1998, NMAH.AC.0624
Edwin Binney Family Photographs, 1854-1960, bulk 1900-1930, NMAH.AC.1491
William L. Bird Postcard Collection, 1900-1990, NMAH.AC.1465
William L. Bird Holidays on Display Collection, 1877-2010, NMAH.AC.1288
Joan E. Biren (JEB) Queer Film Museum Collection, 1931-2010, undated, NMAH.AC.1216
Joey Bishop Papers, 1960, NMAH.AC.1496
Hezekiah Bissell Papers, 1920-1928, NMAH.AC.1445
Black and Decker Collection, 1914-1992, NMAH.AC.1441
Black Elks Parade Photographs, 1957, NMAH.AC.1499
Julian Black Scrapbooks of Joe Louis, 1935-1944, NMAH.AC.0002
Tom Black Smithsonian Magazine Oral History Collection, 1993, NMAH.AC.0505
Blacksmith's Daybook, circa 1720s, NMAH.AC.0043
Timothy B. Bladen Southern Maryland Photo Prints, 1998, NMAH.AC.0767
Eubie Blake Letter and Manuscript, 1969, NMAH.AC.1400
Victor A. Blenkle Postcard Collection, 1880-1970s, NMAH.AC.0200
Joseph Blinder Medical Notebooks and Notes, circa 1908-circa 1911, NMAH.AC.0831
Bluestime Power Hour Videotapes, 1997-1998, NMAH.AC.0657
Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate Company Records and Blumenthal Family Papers, 1856-2010, NMAH.AC.1344
BMI Confederate Sheet Music Collection, 1860-1868, NMAH.AC.1258
Ernst P. Boas Papers, 1927-1946, NMAH.AC.0881
Bobcat Company Records, 1940s-2009, NMAH.AC.1129
Brad J. Bogart Collection, 1911-1927, NMAH.AC.0128
Bollman Truss Bridge Collection, 1852-1986, NMAH.AC.1064
Richard Bond Clock Escapement Video Documentation, 1997, NMAH.AC.0682
Henry Booth Collection, 1948-1974, NMAH.AC.726
Virginia "Jimmie" Booth Collection, NMAH.AC.0729
Rubin Borasky Electron Microscopy Collection, 1930-1988, NMAH.AC.452
Borden Company 1939 New York World's Fair Collection, 1939, NMAH.AC.1063
Borsig Steam Engine Records, 1933-1988, NMAH.AC.0956
Boston General Store Account Book, 1807-1830, NMAH.AC.0038
Orlan W. Boston Dynamometer Papers, 1927-1950, NMAH.AC.0811
Boston Water Works Collection, 1896-1932, NMAH.AC.1117
Virgil Eldon Bottom Collection, 1936-1983, NMAH.AC.0148
Boudini Brothers Vaudeville Collection, 1909-1928, NMAH.AC.1426
Thomas W. Bower School Records, 1954-1966, NMAH.AC.0698
Howard F. Bowker Papers, 1930-1979, NMAH.AC.1462
Bowker Tavern Application, 1796, NMAH.AC.1213
Boyd Family Papers, 1874-1945, NMAH.AC.0707
Plooma M. Boyd Diary of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, 1893, NMAH.AC.0655
Sylvia and Jon Boyd Tupperware Films, 1957-1970, NMAH.AC.0870
Uriah A. Boyden Papers, 1823-1879, NMAH.AC.0982
Martin M. Branner Collection of the "Winnie Winkle" Comic Strip, 1920-1961, NMAH.AC.0265
Brannock Device Company Records, 1925-1998, NMAH.AC.0672
Dr. R. C. Bratten Dental Collection, 1930-1967, NMAH.AC.0022
Herbert M. Bratter Collection, 1890s-1975, NMAH.AC.0137
Breck Girl Collection, 1936-1995, NMAH.AC.0651
Todd M. Brennan Collection (Charlie's Angels), 1970-1979, NMAH.AC.0076
Clarence D. Brenner World War Two V-Mail Collection, 1942-1945, NMAH.AC.0571
Pat and Chuck Bress Jazz Portrait Photographs, circa 1984-1990, NMAH.AC.1219
Bridgwater Family Papers, 1880-2017, NMAH.AC.1385
Joe Britton Panama Canal Zone Photographs, circa 1945, NMAH.AC.1234
Brookhaven National Laboratory Bubble Chamber Records, 1959-1960, NMAH.AC.0522
Brooklyn Edison Company, Edison Wonder House Records, 1936, NMAH.AC.1237
Cuyler W. Brooks Papers, 1934-1962, NMAH.AC.1059
Bernis B. Brown Collection, 1878-1960, NMAH.AC.1047
Don Brown Collection of Duke Ellington Recordings, 1925-1973, NMAH.AC.0472
F. C. Brown Papers, 1902-1964, NMAH.AC.0693
Hugo Brown Musicians and Actors Photographs, 1930-1960, NMAH.AC.1506
Jae Brown Photographs of Bob Adelman, 1960-1969, NMAH.AC.1438
Lester Brown Presentation, June 18, 2009, NMAH.AC.1268
Naomi Huber Brown Papers (Documenting Duke Ellington's Concert Tour of Asia), 1960-1963, NMAH.AC.0429
Ray Brown Papers, circa 1950-2010, NMAH.AC.1362
William W. Brown Papers, 1920-1950, NMAH.AC.0102
Bil Browning and Jerame Davis Papers, 1972-2015, NMAH.AC.1334
Joseph Bruhl Territory Band Collection, 1922-1980, NMAH.AC.0869
John Bucheimer Papers, 1950s-1971, NMAH.AC.0889
Henry S. Bukowski Big Band Collection, circa 1930s-1940s, NMAH.AC.0678
John and Cile Burbidge Wedding Gown Design Collection, 1968-1985, NMAH.AC.0562
George Edward Burch Papers, 1984-1986, NMAH.AC.0316
Dana Tai Soon Burgess Papers and Photographs, 1904-2005, NMAH.AC.1397
Charles J. Burggraf Johnstown Flood Photographs, 1880-1989, NMAH.AC.1250
Donald M. Burmister Papers, 1927-1974, NMAH.AC.1068
Ralph Burns Collection, 1946-1977, NMAH.AC.0736
Burris and Byrd Family Card Sample Case, circa 1920, NMAH.AC.0126
Henry Gaston Busignies Papers, 1905-1981, NMAH.AC.0098
Helen May Butler Collection, 1899-1937, NMAH.AC.0261

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Cadillac Salesmen's Books and Automobile Trade Literature Collection, circa 1920s-1986, NMAH.AC.1401
Paul Cadwell Banjo Collection, 1880-1980, NMAH.AC.0387
Walter Guyton Cady Papers, 1903-1970, NMAH.AC.0046
William E. Caldwell Papers, 1914-1969, NMAH.AC.0971
The California Shop Records, 1938-1942, NMAH.AC.0572
Call Carl, Inc. Collection, 1914-1975, NMAH.AC.1474
Camden & Amboy Railroad Rules and Traffic Agreements, 1844-1871, NMAH.AC.0152
Charles Came Collection, 1838-1979, NMAH.AC.0661
Campbell Soup Advertising Oral History and Documentation Project, 1904-1989, NMAH.AC.0367
Canadian Bridges Photograph Albums, 1873-1911, NMAH.AC.1025
John Caples Papers, 1900-1987, NMAH.AC.0393
Solomon A. Card , Jr. U.S. Army Chaplain's Papers, 1938-1975, NMAH.AC.1260
Herbert W. Carleton Motion Picture Stills Collection, 1912-1919, NMAH.AC.0465
Sonia Katchian Carrboro Farmer's Market Project [color photo prints], 1994, NMAH.AC.0793
Dr. George Carruthers Video Documentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0597
Felix P. "Phil" Caruthers Automatic Machine Control Papers, 1952-1991, NMAH.AC.0812
Benny Carter Collection, 1928-2000, NMAH.AC.0757
Carvel Ice Cream Records, 1934-1989, NMAH.AC.0488
Sonora Carver Papers, 1891-1994, NMAH.AC.0521
Castor Advertising Corporation Collection, 1961-2006, NMAH.AC.1461
Caterpillar Tractor Company Photo Prints, 1948-1949, NMAH.AC.0146
Cayton Family Papers, 1892-1992, NMAH.AC.0780
Al Celley Collection of Duke Ellington Materials, 1943-1989, NMAH.AC.1240
Celluloid Corporation Records, 1892-1935, NMAH.AC.0009
Central Film Service Filmstrip Collection, 1924-1946, NMAH.AC.1247
Challinor Family Home Movies, 1956-1965, NMAH.AC.1233
John Challis Papers, circa 1900-1974, NMAH.AC.1375
Robert G. Chamberlain Numerical Control Collection, 1954-1984, NMAH.AC.0527
Charles B. Chaney Railroad Photographs, 1850-1947, NMAH.AC.1167
Charismic Productions Records of Dizzy Gillespie, 1940-2006 (bulk 1987-1993), NMAH.AC.0979
Ernest Dudley Chase Papers, 1924-1966 (bulk 1930-1940), NMAH.AC.0886
S. Adolphus "Doc" Cheatham Papers, 1939-1998, NMAH.AC.0814
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Photographs, 1984-1985, NMAH.AC.1022
Andrew Chi Atomic Clocks Collection, 1964-1978, NMAH.AC.1264
Chicago Surface Line Drawings, 1886-1948, NMAH.AC.0212
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Negatives, 1850-1915, NMAH.AC.1080
Chickering & Sons Piano Company Collection, 1864-1985, NMAH.AC.0264
El Chico Restaurant Collection, 1908-1990, NMAH.AC.1246
James J. Childs Numerical Control Collection, 1952-1991, NMAH.AC.0420
Julia Child Award Winners Collection, 1952-2019, NMAH.AC.1371
Dorothy H. Christian Collection, 1881, 1913-1934, NMAH.AC.0250
Marilyn Church Courtroom Drawings, 1975-2004, NMAH.AC.1137
Chris Churchill "American Faith" Photographs, 2004-2006, NMAH.AC.1305
Chuse Engine and Manufacturing Company Records, 1915-1921, NMAH.AC.1088
Cincinnati Boss Company Records, 1900-1990, NMAH.AC.0741
Cinema Posters, circa 1937-1953, NMAH.AC.0656
Michael Cipriano Papers, 1983-1993, NMAH.AC.1274
Civil and Mechanical Engineering Glass Plate Negatives, 1915-1980s, NMAH.AC.1089
Civil and Mechanical Engineering Stereograph Cards, circa 1867-circa 1926, NMAH.AC.1090
Civil War Propaganda Scrapbooks, 1861, NMAH.AC.1372
Civilian Conservation Corps Collection, 1933-2006 (bulk 1933-1942), NMAH.AC.0930
Curt I. Civin Video Documentation, 1997, NMAH.AC.0623
J. Raymond Claghorn Scrapbook, 1881-1895, NMAH.AC.0582
Jean Clairmook Radio Scrapbook, 1930-1932, NMAH.AC.0674
Alexander Melville Clark Papers, 1877, NMAH.AC.1017
George H. Clark Radioana Collection, 1880-1950, NMAH.AC.0055
Pete Claussen Collection of American Flag Magazine Covers, 1941-1943, NMAH.AC.0860
Clayton Air Compressor Works Photographic Catalogs, undated, NMAH.AC.1056
William Claxton Photographs, 1955-1960, NMAH.AC.0695
Clement Communications, Inc., Ergonomics and Safety Posters, 2001-2003, NMAH.AC.0799
Coal and Gas Trust Investigation Collection, 1858-1929, NMAH.AC.1049
Imogene Coca Papers, 1879-2008, NMAH.AC.1479
Norman and Sally Coe Scopitone Film Collection, circa 1962-1970, NMAH.AC.1230
Ernest Edwin Coffin Collection, circa 1890s-1940s, NMAH.AC.1152
Stuart Cohen "Marblehead at the Millennium" Photographs, 2000, NMAH.AC.0804
Gordon E. Cole Advertising History Papers, 1879-1899, 1926-1964, NMAH.AC.0371
Colonna Farrell Wine Label Collection, 1975-1997, NMAH.AC.0626
John Coltrane Music Manuscript, 1964, NMAH.AC.0903
Commercial Decal, Inc. Records, 1926-1993, NMAH.AC.0477
Community Life Afro-American Audio-Visual Collection, 1964-1976, NMAH.AC.0201
Community Life TV Soap Operas Collection, 1952-1983, NMAH.AC.0108
Computer Oral History Collection, 1969-1973, 1977, NMAH.AC.0196
Computer Standards Collection, 1958-1979, NMAH.AC.0310
Computer World Smithsonian Awards, 1989-2001, NMAH.AC.0425
Computing History Photographs, 1960s-1970s, NMAH.AC.1416
Robert Scofield Condon Engineering Papers, 1924-1973, NMAH.AC.0428
Conference on Federal Involvement in Electronic Computing, 1976-1979, NMAH.AC.1298
Roy Gilbert Conley Papers, circa 1914-1960, NMAH.AC.0851
Containerization Oral History Collection, 1995-1998, NMAH.AC.0639
Coon Chicken Inn Records and Graham Family Papers, circa 1913-1973, NMAH.AC.1153
Cooper Bessemer Corporation Record, circa 1866-1944, NMAH.AC.0961
Madison Cooper Papers, 1900-1963, NMAH.AC.1054
Evolution of the Corliss Steam Engine Album, 1930, NMAH.AC.1016
Hallye M. Cornelius and Glendora Horne Collection of Cigarette Packages, 1945, NMAH.AC.0826
Mille Gade Corson Collection, 1920-1930, NMAH.AC.0063
Darrell F. Corti Food and Wine Collection, 1931-1965 (bulk 1940-1960), NMAH.AC.1248
Charles E. Coughlin Collection, 1891-1979, NMAH.AC.1389
Cover Girl Make-Up Advertising Oral History and Documentation Project, 1923-1991, NMAH.AC.0374
Ricki Covette Burlesque Collection, circa 1950-1980, NMAH.AC.1335
Robert Covington Stereograph Portfolio, 1989-2008, NMAH.AC.1201
Coxe Brothers Collection, 1886-1935 NMAH.AC.1002
H. Irving Crane Papers, 1927-1950, NMAH.AC.1119
Forman H. Craton Collection, 1902-1983, NMAH.AC.0454
Crown Central Petroleum Advertising Collection, 1949-1996, NMAH.AC.1398
Susan B. Crossman Kindergarten Collection, 1902-1932, NMAH.AC.1208
John D. Crimmins Collection, 1880-1919, NMAH.AC.0398
T.B. Cryer Company Records, 1890-circa 1950, NMAH.AC.1085
Kitty Cucumber Collection, 1985, NMAH.AC.0276
Barton S. Cummings Papers, 1938-1990, NMAH.AC.0421
Cummings Structural Concrete Company Records, 1884-1952 and undated, NMAH.AC.0218
James Cunningham, Son and Company Photographs, 1908-1929 and undated, NMAH.AC.1193
Helen Curran Collection of Irene Castle Documents and Photographs: Albums, circa 1920s, NMAH.AC.1202
William Currie Photo Album, 1904-1912, NMAH.AC.1043
Thomas Currier Vaudeville Collection, 1928-1986, NMAH.AC.1120


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Chester O. Dale Collection, 1908-1920, NMAH.AC.0951
Ann and Thomas Damigella Collection, 1951-1997, NMAH.AC.0583
Danish Film Stills of American Motion Pictures, circa 1915-1986, NMAH.AC.0543
Stanislaus F. Danko Collection, 1943-1988, NMAH.AC.0667
Arthur d'Arazien Industrial Photographs, circa 1939-1984, NMAH.AC.0314
S. Newman Darby Innovative Lives Presentation, April 9, 1999, NMAH.AC.0838
S. Newman Darby Windsurfing Collection, 1944-1998, NMAH.AC.0625
Victor C. Darnell Bridge Construction Photographs, 1911-1913 and undated, NMAH.AC.1018,
Data Processing Digest Collection, 1955-1974, NMAH.AC.0235
Luther Davis Papers, 1916-2007 (bulk 1936-2007, NMAH.AC.1148
Miles Davis Music Manuscript, 1959, NMAH.AC.0920
Daytime TV Magazine Collection, 1977-1983, NMAH.AC.0107
DC Cowboys Dance Company Records, 1994-2012, NMAH.AC.1312
Joyce P. De La Hunt Papers, 1870s-1950, NMAH.AC.0573
Andre De la Varre Collection, circa 1920-1930, NMAH.AC.0782
Harmon B. Deal Papers, 1920-1930, NMAH.AC.0053
William E. Dean Papers, 1949-1965, NMAH.AC.0230
Robert Dearborn Panama Canal Photo Negatives, circa 19054-1914, NMAH.AC.1111
"Dedication of Headquarters, National Woman 's Party, Washington, D.C., May 21, 1922," NMAH.AC.0754
Kalman J. DeJuhasz Papers, 1908-1959, NMAH.AC.0304
Delaware and Hudson Railroad Engineering Drawings, 1900-1955, NMAH.AC.1169
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Records, 1878-1971, NMAH.AC.1074
Del Mar Avionics Holter Monitor Records, 1951-2011, NMAH.AC.1249
Lucretia Deming Family Account Book, 1883-1887, NMAH.AC.0173
Department of Defense Chip Training Videotape Collection, 1970s, NMAH.AC.0586
Sam DeVincent Collection of Illustrated American Sheet Music, circa 1790-1980, NMAH.AC.0300
DFS Ad Agency Falstaff Beer Advertisements, 1945-1946, NMAH.AC.0332
Freda Diamond Collection, 1945-1966, NMAH.AC.0616
Nelson Dickerman Papers, 1880-1965, NMAH.AC.0542
Eleanor Dickinson Pentecostal Videotape and Audiotape Collection, 1967-1977, NMAH.AC.0199
Dieste & Partners Advertising Records, 1996, NMAH.AC.1368
Direct Mail Advertising Collection, 1976-1977, 1980-1981, 1984, NMAH.AC.0115
Disability Reference Collection, 1836-2015, NMAH.AC.1319
Division of Community Life Dissertation Series: Lange, Yvonne, Santos: The Household Wooden Saints of Puerto Rico, 1975, NMAH.AC.0197
Division of Community Life World's Fairs Collection, 1876-1993, NMAH.AC.1132
Division of Costume Audiovisual Collection, 1928-1989, NMAH.AC.0801
Division of Culture and the Arts Photographs, undated, NMAH.AC.1292
Division of Cultural History Judaica Collection, 1639-1980, NMAH.AC.1160
Division of Cultural History Lantern Slides and Stereographs, 1887-1930 (bulk 1900-1930), NMAH.AC.0945
Division of Domestic Life Greeting Card Collection, 1854-1975, NMAH.AC.0109
Division of Electricity Dissertation Series, 1970-1979, NMAH.AC.0054
Division of Electricity Film Collection, undated, NMAH.AC.0802
Division of Engineering Film Collection, undated, NMAH.AC.0864
Division of Information and Technology Computer Oral History Collection, 1993-2006, NMAH.AC.1303
Division of Musical History Documents and Graphics, 1872-1984, NMAH.AC.0485
Division of Science, Medicine and Society HIV/AIDS Reference Collection, 1979-2006 (bulk 1987-1993), NMAH.AC.1134
Division of Transportation: Railroads' Engineering Data, 1912-1949, NMAH.AC.0207
Division of Transportation Stereograph Collection, 1867-1927, NMAH.AC.1468
Division of Work and Industry Lantern Slide Collection, 1886-1931, NMAH.AC.1013
Ed Dodd (Mark Trail) Collection, 1985, NMAH.AC.0165
Dodge Manufacturing Company Records, circa 1910-1924, NMAH.AC.1092
Raymond S. Doerr Scrapbook, 1931-1935, NMAH.AC.0476
William C. Dolowy Veterinarian Medicine Collection, 1960-1961, NMAH.AC.0459
Domestic Life Glass Photograph Collection, circa 1900, NMAH.AC.0292
Domestic Life Stereograph and Photograph Collection, circa 1862-1920, NMAH.AC.0725
Marion O'Brien Donovan Papers, 1917-1999, NMAH.AC.0721
Jacob Aloysius Dorf Papers, 1909-1972, NMAH.AC.0193
Joel Dorn Papers, 1966-1987, NMAH.AC.0536
Doughnut Machine Company Scrapbooks, circa1928, NMAH.AC.0662
Stephen Douglas World War Two Envelopes, 1943-1945, NMAH.AC.0755
Dowd Harpsichord Collection, 1949-1997, NMAH.AC.0593
Beata Drake Covered Bridge Collection, 1954-1981, NMAH.AC.0998
Draper Family Collection, circa1826-1936, NMAH.AC.0121
Frank Driggs Collection of Duke Ellington Photographic Reference Prints, 1923-1972, NMAH.AC.0389
Paquito D'Rivera Music Manuscripts and Photograph, 1988-1996, undated, NMAH.AC.0891
J. Harry DuBois Collection on the History of Plastics, 1900-1975, NMAH.AC.0008
Harry A. Duffy Papers, 1881-2005, NMAH.AC.1162
Allen Balcom Du Mont Collection, 1884-1965, NMAH.AC.0018
Duncan Family Yo-yo Collection, 1928-2002, NMAH.AC.0807
Paul Duncan Farming Film, 1937-1941, NMAH.AC.0827
Charlie Dunn Collection, 1972-1984, NMAH.AC.0186
S. Watson Dunn Advertising Ephemera Collection, 1840-1986, NMAH.AC.0366
DuPont Nylon Collection, 1939-1977, NMAH.AC.0007
Saul Dushman Papers, 1924-1954, NMAH.AC.0101

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Ralph Earle Color Slides of Atomic Bomb Test, 1945, NMAH.AC.0794
Economic Cooperation Administration Technical Assistance Papers, 1948-1952, NMAH.AC.0318
Edgecraft Corporation Records, 1984-2004, NMAH.AC.1382
Edison General Electric Works Photo Album, 1892, NMAH.AC.1077
Thomas Alva Edison Photo Prints, 1890s-1933, NMAH.AC.0299
Llewellyn N. Edwards Papers, 1925-1964, NMAH.AC.0959
St. Edwards University Documentary Project: Lockhart, Texas, 2011, NMAH.AC.1253
Arthur Ehrat Papers, 1865-2005, 2011 (bulk 1970-1990), NMAH.AC.0907
Eisler Engineering Company Records, 1885-1988 (bulk 1920-1950s), NMAH.AC.0734
Electric Guitar Video Documentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0610
Electricity and Modern Physics Photonegatives, 1898-1953, NMAH.AC.0715
Electronic Display World Newsletters, 1981-1999, 2001, NMAH.AC.0868
Elks Lodge 684 Photographs, 1947-1982, NMAH.AC.1374
Elion-Weingarten Matchbook Collection, 1930-1983, NMAH.AC.0578
Duke Ellington Collection, 1903-1988, NMAH.AC.0301
Duke Ellington Collection of Ephemera and Related Audio-Visual Materials, 1914-2017, NMAH.AC.0386
Duke Ellington Oral History Project, 1989-1993, NMAH.AC.0368
New York Chapter of the Duke Ellington Society Collection, 1960-1991, NMAH.AC.0390
Annual International Conference of the Duke Ellington Study Group Proceedings, 1981-1993, NMAH.AC.0385
Edward and Gaye Ellington Collection, 1899-1981, NMAH.AC.0704
Ruth Ellington Collection, 1940-1991, NMAH.AC.0415
William G. Elliott Spectra-Span Records, circa 1958-1988, NMAH.AC.1361
Emmett Mercury Boiler Records, circa 1909-1967, NMAH.AC.0968
W.J. Eney Collection, 1929-1977, NMAH.AC.1062
Estelle Ellis Collection, 1942-2004, NMAH.AC.0423
Engineering Notebook Collection, 1835-1930, NMAH.AC.0225
Erie City Iron Works Collection, 1869-1960 (bulk 1975-1912), NMAH.AC.1050
Erie Railroad Collection, circa 1880-1980, NMAH.AC.1082
Erol's Video Club Collection, 1984-1991, NMAH.AC.0687
Celia K. Erskine Scrapbook of Valentines, Advertising Cards, and Postcards, 1882-1884, NMAH.AC.0136
Eskimo Pie Collection, 1921-1996, NMAH.AC.0553
Frank Espada Photographs, 1962-2008, NMAH.AC.1395
Lloyd Espenschied Papers, 1907-1969, NMAH.AC.0013
Thomas Evance Receipt Book, 1753-1775, NMAH.AC.0289
Dr. John G. Evans Papers, 1893, 1947-1949, NMAH.AC.0024
Everhart Brothers Records, 1884-1918, NMAH.AC.0575
James Lithgow Ewin Patents, 1873, 1874, 1879, NMAH.AC.0051
Exiles in America:Cuban Pedro Pans and Balseros, 2014, NMAH.AC.1377
Expo 2000 Collection, 2000, NMAH.AC.0742

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Falcon Trio Vaudeville Collection, 1912-1931, NMAH.AC.0160
Family Car Memory Books, 1997, NMAH.AC.0648
Famous Amos Collection, 1975-2000, NMAH.AC.0112
Robbie Fanning Sewing Arts Collection, 1985-2002, NMAH.AC.1139
Joseph C. Farber Papers and Photographs, 1930-1990, NMAH.AC.0520
"Farming the Welsh Hills", Portfolio, 1994, NMAH.AC.0526
Herbert M. Faust Papers, 1918-1949, NMAH.AC.0397
Federal Express Oral History & Documentation Project Collection, 1972-1987, NMAH.AC.0306
Mr. & Mrs. P. J. Federico Collection, 1789-1841, NMAH.AC.0298
Fellows Gear Shaper Company Records, 1896-1999, NMAH.AC.0856
Samuel Morse Felton Family Papers, 1841-1930, NMAH.AC.0170
Paola Ferrario Photographs, 1989-1996, NMAH.AC.0699
Charles Fertig Collection, 1979-1985, NMAH.AC.0312
Cyrus W. Field Papers, 1835-1897, NMAH.AC.1386
Finlay Straus Scrapbook, circa 1929-1933, NMAH.AC.0663
Glen Fishback Photographs and Papers, 1930-1976, NMAH.AC.0714
W.A. Fishbaugh Panama Canal Photograph Album, 1905-1908, NMAH.AC.1021
Richard Fisher Panama Canal Collection, 1902-1968, NMAH.AC.1045
Fisher, Bruce & Company Records, 1920s-1940, NMAH.AC.0370
Ella Fitzgerald Papers, circa 1935-1996, NMAH.AC.0584
John Fitzgerald Bill [with George Washington autograph], 1786-1787, NMAH.AC.0085
Byron Fogel Place Mat Collection, circa 1950-1981, NMAH.AC.0419
Dennis Foley Papers, 1962-2004, NMAH.AC.0896
Folia Water Materials, 2016, NMAH.AC.1407
Food for Tomorrow Symposium Documentation, November 5-6, 2010, NMAH.AC.1228
Food Preservation and Home Canning Literature, 1883-1990, NMAH.AC.1061
Foresight Institute Newsletter Collection, 1987-2004, NMAH.AC.0863
James Forgie Papers, 1890-1946, 1949, NMAH.AC.0986
L.F. Foster Wild West Scrapbooks, 1884-1929 (bulk 1890-1910), NMAH.AC.1289
Foundation Company Records, 1887-1969, NMAH.AC.0974
Fournet Drugstore Collection, 1950-1977, NMAH.AC.0346
Fox Movie Flash Street Photography Records, circa 1930-1975, NMAH.AC.0853
Sally Fox Innovative Lives Presentation, November 14, 1997, NMAH.AC.0646
Benjamin Franklin Bridge Photograph Album, 1922-1926, NMAH.AC.1029
Fred Frater Collection of Amish Photographs, circa 1947-1950, NMAH.AC.1147
Jacques Francais Stringed Instruments Photo Archive, 1844-1998, NMAH.AC.0872
Stan Freberg Advertising Collection, 1958-1991, NMAH.AC.0444
Fred/Alan MTV Network Advertising Collection, 1981-1992, NMAH.AC.0453
H. H. French Tallapoosa (Ga.) Photo Prints, circa 1880, NMAH.AC.0375
Fresh Fields Records, 1993-1999, NMAH.AC.1367
Frick Company Collection, 1860-1960, NMAH.AC.0293
Frederick and Mary Fried Folk Art Archives, circa 1895-1985, NMAH.AC.0528
Gilbert L. Friedlein Papers, 1800s-1961, NMAH.AC.0943
Dan Friedman Papers, 1967-1995, NMAH.AC.1277
Joseph B. Friedman Papers, 1915-2000, NMAH.AC.0769
Frito Company Records, 1924-1961, NMAH.AC.1263
Henry Fuller Account Books, 1856-1862, NMAH.AC.0028
Fuller Brush Company Records, 192-2017, NMAH.AC.1459


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Milt Gabler Papers, 1895-2001, NMAH.AC.0849
Ronald Gabriel Collection of Baseball Memorabilia, circa 1912-2009, NMAH.AC.1178
Ashok Gadgil Innovative Lives Presentation and Interview, 1998, NMAH.AC.0647
GAF Records, 1939-1963, NMAH.AC.1476
James Gallagher Collection, 1924-1931, NMAH.AC.0228
Arthur Ganson Innovative Lives Presentation, October 4, 2002, NMAH.AC.0830
Garfield & Company Records, 1909-1969, NMAH.AC.0820
John W. Garrett Collection, 1850-1880, NMAH.AC.0171
Thomas Garvin Korean War Scrapbook, 1951-1953, NMAH.AC.0756
Leonard and Mary Gaskin Papers, 1910-1999, NMAH.AC.0900
Elmer Gates Papers, 1894-1988 (bulk 1894-1910), NMAH.AC.1123
C. Willard Geer Scrapbooks, 1944-1962, NMAH.AC.0096
David S. Gendell Architectural Drawings, circa 1860s-1900, NMAH.AC.0644
General Electric Nela Park Collection, circa 1890s-1969, NMAH.AC.0789
General Electric Tungsten Records, circa 1913-1965, NMAH.AC.1440
General Machinery Manufacturers Photograph Collection, circa 1889-1969, NMAH.AC.1115
General Merchandise Account Book, 1829-1831, NMAH.AC.0189
General Motors EV-1 Records, 1990-2005 (bulk 1993-1999), NMAH.AC.0912
John Gensel Collection of Duke Ellington Materials, 1950-1979, NMAH.AC.0763
George & Hart's Up To Date Georgia Minstrels Scrapbook, circa 1876-1901, NMAH.AC.0576
Emanuel Gerard Collection of Mather and Company Employee Motivation Posters, 1923-1929, NMAH.AC.0877
Gerber Fabric Cutter Video Documentation, 1995-1996, NMAH.AC.0609
Heinz Joseph Gerber Papers, 1924-1997, NMAH.AC.1336
Gerber Scientific Instrument Company Records 1911-1999, NMAH.AC.0929
Otto Gerdau Collection, 1876-1900, NMAH.AC.0363
James E. Gerrell Notebook, 1842-1847, NMAH.AC.0056
Cass Gilbert Collection, 1897-1936, NMAH.AC.0214
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Collection, 1907-2000 (bulk 1911-1924), NMAH.AC.0803
S. Colum Gilfillan Papers, 1921-1978, NMAH.AC.0461
Gilman Manufacturing Company Photograph Album, 1930s, NMAH.AC.1057
Joshua R. Ginsberg Collection of Paul Ickovic Photographs, 1960-2000, NMAH.AC.1339
Girard Estate Records, 1785-1965 (bulk 1870-1965) , NMAH.AC.1011
Joshua Gist Account Book and Related Materials, 1769-1822, NMAH.AC.0044
David Gittens Innovative Lives Presentation, May 7, 1997, NMAH.AC.0598
Giving Pledge Letters, 2010-2015, NMAH.AC.1360
Connie Gleason Cookbook Collection, 1915, 1946, NMAH.AC.0568
Go Forth and Serve: African American Land Grant Colleges Audiovisual Collection, 1992-1993, NMAH.AC.0614
Gold Bond-Good Humor Collection, 1927-1991, NMAH.AC.0451
Melody Golding Photoprints, 2005-207, NMAH.AC.1166
Gordon D. Goldstein Collection, 1948-1957, NMAH.AC.0554
Benny Goodman Ephemera Collection, 1964, NMAH.AC.0381
Jerrold Goodman Golf Scorecards, circa 1950s-1970s, NMAH.AC.0934
Justin H. Goodstein-Aue Color Photographs of Priscilla of Boston, 2011-2012, NMAH.AC.1302
Mack Gordon Papers, 1926-1977, NMAH.AC.1363
Gottlieb-Bodansky Family Papers, 1901-1981, undated, NMAH.AC.1245
Government War Advertising, 1918, NMAH.AC.0407
Goya Foods, Inc. Collection, 1960-2000, NMAH.AC.0694
Alan Gradwohl Menu Collection, 1906-1950s (bulk 1940s-1950s), NMAH.AC.1297
Henry "Buddy" Graf and George Cahill Vaudeville Collections, 19290-1930, NMAH.AC.1484
Andy Granatelli Collection, circa 1940s-1990s, NMAH.AC.1403
Philip Graneto Broadway Theater Collection, 1885-1937, NMAH.AC.1486
Grand Central Terminal Collection, 1831-1978 (bulk 1903-1933), NMAH.AC.1071
Felix Grant Collection, 1935-1985, NMAH.AC.0410
Herbert S. Grassman Papers, 1915-1939, NMAH.AC.0955
Jeffrey Graubart Photograph of Ornette Coleman and John Lee Hooker, 1982, NMAH.AC.1284
Elisha Gray Collection, 1857-1938, NMAH.AC.0014
Gray Panthers Reference Collection, 1981-1983, NMAH.AC.1354
Wilson Greatbatch Innovative Lives Presentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0601
Freddie Green Papers, 1930-2006, NMAH.AC.1453
Greeting Card Collection, 1920-1970, NMAH.AC.0579
Carolyn and Donald Grepke Paper Doll Collection,1895-1991, NMAH.AC.0752
Mike Grgich Papers, 1923-2013, (bulk 1950-2008), NMAH.AC.0923
Herb Grosch Papers, 1945-1998, NMAH.AC.0703
Gerald Connop Gross Papers, 1900-1946, NMAH.AC.0095
Grutzner Diesel Company Negatives, undated, NMAH.AC.1097
GTE Burst Switch Collection, 1984-1999, NMAH.AC.0833
Subhendu Guha Innovative Lives Presentation, 1998, NMAH.AC.0668


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Hagan Brothers Carriage Works Account Books, NMAH.AC.1154
Stephen Haboush Photograph Collection, circa 1920-1960, NMAH.AC.1143
Halacsy and Von Fuchs Documentation for Transformer History, 1884-1885, NMAH.AC.0052
Phillip Haultcoeur Papers, 1954,-1957, NMAH.AC.1501
Hales Bar Dam Collection, 1905-1968, NMAH.AC.1051
Landy R. Hales Papers, 1908-1969, NMAH.AC.0906
James Nicol Halkett Papers, 1924-1951, NMAH.AC.1455
James A. E. Halkett Papers, 1948-1951, NMAH.AC.0220
Charles Francis Hall Collection, 1858-1871, NMAH.AC.0702
Clayton M . Hall Collection of Railroad Photographs, 1936-1966, NMAH.AC.1168
Joseph Underwood Hall Papers, 1881-1936, NMAH.AC.1317
William E. Hallett Papers, 1900-1925, NMAH.AC.1112
Garnette Hamilton Collection, 1957-1981, NMAH.AC.0273
Jon and Jennifer Hanson Watch and Clock Collection, NMAH.AC.1122
William J. Hammer Collection, 1874-1957, NMAH.AC.0069
Hammond Coal Company Records, 1937-1954, NMAH.AC.1003
Albert W. Hampson Commercial Artwork Collection, 1926-1968, NMAH.AC.0561
W. C. Handy Collection, 1928, 1948, NMAH.AC.0132
Catherine Hann Papers, 1953-2006, NMAH.AC.0921
Philip Haultcoeur Papers, 1954-1957, NMAH.AC.1501
Kenneth R. Harding Collection, circa 1950-1980, NMAH.AC.0885
Peter Paul Haring Papers, 1895-1977 (bulk 1897-1935), NMAH.AC.1014
Carter Harman Collection of Interviews with Duke Ellington, 1956, 1964, 1991, NMAH.AC.0422
Marion Harper Papers, 1916-1989, NMAH.AC.0394
Harris Automatic Press Company Records, 1900-1939, NMAH.AC.0928
Charles Cohill Harris Collection [United Fruit Company], circa 1906-1976, NMAH.AC.0049
Hart, Schaffner and Marx Records, 1901-1955, NMAH.AC.0426
Hartford, Connecticut Bridge Collection, 1903-1905, NMAH.AC.1066
Robert S. Hartmann Phonograph Disc Collection, 1916-1930s, NMAH.AC.0297
Marion John Hartung Mechanical Engineering Lab Reports, 1906-1907, NMAH.AC.1033
Haskell Barker Car Company Photographs, 1926-1949, NMAH.AC.1183
Roland C. Hawes Papers, 1908-1997, NMAH.AC.0617
Ed Hayes and His Banjo Girls, 1918-1981, NMAH.AC.1333
Hazen Collection of Band Photographs and Ephemera, 1818-1931, NMAH.AC.0253
William Babcock Hazen Papers, 1855-1909, NMAH.AC.0427
Howard Head Papers, 1926-1991, NMAH.AC.0589
William Helfand Phone Card Collection, 1980-1991, NMAH.AC.0447
Helping People with AIDS (HPA) Records, 1989-2009 (bulk 2002-2003), NMAH.AC.1283
Daniel Henderson Portable Electronic Devices Documentary Collection, 1968-2002, NMAH.AC.0875
Horace and Fletcher Henderson Music and Photographs Collection, 1930s-1980s, NMAH.AC.0797
Gordon Hendricks Motion Picture History Papers, circa 1895-1970, NMAH.AC.0369
Herder Cutlery Collection, 1836-1976, NMAH.AC.0050
John W. Hereford Letter, 1827, NMAH.AC.0066
Rudolph Hering Collection, circa 1863-1923, NMAH.AC.0989
G.P. Herrick Papers, 1842-1912, NMAH.AC.1058
Rocky Herosian Collection, 1910-1943, NMAH.AC.0295
Tad Hershorn Collection, 1956-1991, NMAH.AC.0680
Christian Heurich Brewing Company Records, 1883-1913, NMAH.AC.1104
Ira L. Hill Portrait Photo Negatives, 1912-1953, NMAH.AC.0144
James J. Hill Scrapbook, 1916, NMAH.AC.0334
Nicholai H. Hiller Collection, 1890-1937, NMAH.AC.1105
Alice R. Hillis World's Fair Film, 1939, NMAH.AC.0531
Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc. Records, circa 1875-1965, NMAH.AC.0395
Julian Hinds Collection, 1881-1975, NMAH.AC.0287
Leonard P. Hirsch Federal Gllobe Papers, 1985-2015, NMAH.AC.1357
Lynda Hirsch "Daytime Dial" Collection, 1981-1982, NMAH.AC.0113
Historic American Merchant Marine Survey Records, 1936-1937, NMAH.AC.0240
Joseph J. Hittinger Letters, 1921-1923, NMAH.AC.0288
Bill Hoak Collection, 1909-1972, NMAH.AC.0236
Chuck Hoberman Innovative Lives Presentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0604
Helen Hoch Tupperware Films, 1959-1965, NMAH.AC.0865
Don C. Hoefler's Microelectronic News Collection, 1975-1987, NMAH.AC.0884
Hoffman Collection, undated, NMAH.AC.0062
David Hoffman/Boaz Postcard Collection, 1900-1933, NMAH.AC.0281
Max Holland Numerical Control Collection, 1941-1995, NMAH.AC.0537
Bill Holman Collection, 1951-2000, NMAH.AC.0733
James W. Holmes Karting Collection, 1961-1979, NMAH.AC.0787
David Holton Harbness-Maker's Account Books, 1841-1864, NMAH.AC.1226
Gladys Reid Holton Ephemera Collection, 1800-circa 1978, NMAH.AC.0466
Home Economics Educational Filmstrip Collection, 1962-1980, NMAH.AC.0764
Andrew Homzy Collection of Duke Ellington Stock Music Arrangements, circa 1925-1958, NMAH.AC.0740
Hanna Lore Hombordy Papers, 1940s-1955, NMAH.AC.1273
Hooker-Howe Company Papers, 1922-1938, NMAH.AC.1475
Grace Murray Hopper Collection, 1944-1965, NMAH.AC.0324
Horn and Hardart Records, 1921-2001, NMAH.AC.0922
Dorothy Horstman Oral History Field and Radio Show Recordings, 1956-1994, NMAH.AC.0723
Sarah Hoskins New Zion, Kentucky Photo Prints, 2002, NMAH.AC.1124
Hot Spots of Invention: People, Places and Spaces Documentation, November 6-7, 2009, NMAH.AC.1188
Houston, Texas Photo Album, 1911, NMAH.AC.0335
E. Howard Clock Company Records, 1862-1930, NMAH.AC.0776
Howe Scale Company Records, 1868-1963, NMAH.AC.0004
Chet and Juanita Howell Rodeo Collection, 1934-1958, NMAH.AC.0255
Hubbard Harpsichord Records, 1930-2003, NMAH.AC.1256
Hudson-Fulton Celebration Photograph Album, 1909, NMAH.AC.1149
Burton-Humphreys Oil Production Collection, circa 1912-1920, NMAH.AC.1102
Humphrey Family Postcard Album, circa 1905-1906, NMAH.AC.1196
William R. Hutton Papers, 1830-1965, NMAH.AC.0987
Hyde Windlass Company Drawings, circa 1895-1950, NMAH.AC.0239


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IAC Group Advertising Collection, 1989-1996 NMAH.AC.1366
ICE Integrated Circuit Collection, 1970-1997, NMAH.AC.0600
Illinois Springfield Watch Company Record Book, 1872-1883, NMAH.AC.1145
Imperial Glass Company Records, 1909-1940, NMAH.AC.0105
Industry on Parade Film Collection, 1950-1959, NMAH.AC.0507
Albert G. Ingalls Papers, 1920-1956, NMAH.AC.0175
Institute for Advanced Study Computer Project Records, 1950-1957, NMAH.AC.0401
Institute for Advanced Study Electronic Computer Project Drawings, 1949-1961, NMAH.AC.0815
Instrument Society of America Collection, 1911-1972, NMAH.AC.0215
International Battle of the Bands Records, 1981-1998, NMAH.AC.0677
International Longshoremen's Association, Local 791, Records, 1938-1986, NMAH.AC.0440
International Salt Company Records, 1881-1992, NMAH.AC.1158
International Sweethearts of Rhythm Collection, 1933-2010, NMAH.AC.1218
Interstate Commerce Commission Locomotive Inspection Reports, 1931-1964, NMAH.AC.0241
Inventing the Surveillance Society, October 25, 2013, NMAH.AC.1355
Inventors Oral History Collection, 2020-2021, NMAH.AC.1504
Iowa Button Industry Collection, 1898-1993, NMAH.AC.0504
Washington Irving Letter, 1852, NMAH.AC.0084
Eiko Ishioka Collection, circa 2007-2011, NMAH.AC.1331
ITT Industrial Laboratories Electron Tube Research Records, 1934-1984, NMAH.AC.0822
Ivory Soap Collection, 1883-1998, NMAH.AC.0791
Ivory Soap Essay Contest Collection, 1940, NMAH.AC.0818
Dr. Robert H. Ivy Papers, 1901-1972, NMAH.AC.1411


J & B Manufacturing Company Records, 1903-1924, NMAH.AC.0563
Robert K. Jackler Tobacco Advertising Collection, circa 1898-2017, NMAH.AC.1224
Morris Jacks Papers, 1929-1976, NMAH.AC.1448
Milt Jackson Innovative Lives Presentation, 2010, NMAH.AC.1241
Jackson & Sharp Car Company and American Car & Foundry Company Records, 1884-1948, NMAH.AC.0156
Chevalier Jackson Papers, 1883-1960, NMAH.AC.0023
Ed Jackson "Book of Radio Personalities" Scrapbook, 1933-1941, NMAH.AC.861
Jake Jacobson "Heart & Hands" Color Iris Photo Prints, circa 1996-2000, NMAH.AC.0866
Barbara S. Janssen Collection of Singer Manufacturing Company Correspondence, 1868-1877, NMAH.AC.1299
Janssen Piano Company Records, 1901-1929, NMAH.AC.0512
Jantzen Knitting Mills Collection, 1925-1977, NMAH.AC.0233
Japanese American Documentary Collection, 1900s-1982, NMAH.AC.0305
Jazz and Big Band Collection, 1930-1975, NMAH.AC.1388
Jazz Oral History Collection about Duke Ellington, 1988-1990, NMAH.AC.0431
Grace Jeffers Collection of Formica Materials, 1913-2003, NMAH.AC.0565
Maceo Jefferson Papers, 1898-1974, NMAH.AC.1370
Virgie Williams Jefferson Photo Print Collection, circa 1890s, NMAH.AC.0313
Jogbra, Inc., Records, 1977-2008, NMAH.AC.1315
Eugene B. Johnson Papers, 1930-1980, NMAH.AC.1450
Virgil Johnson Collection of Cigarette Packages, 1890-1997, circa 1890-1997, NMAH.AC.0645
Frances Benjamin Johnston and Thomas W. Smillie Glass Plate Negatives, circa 1888-1899, 1906, NMAH.AC.0416
Gilbert L. Johnstone Corporation Panoramic Photo Print, 1919, NMAH.AC.0209
J. & W. Jolly Company Records, circa 1880-1924, NMAH.AC.1009
Caroline R. Jones Collection, circa 1942-1996, NMAH.AC.0552
William W. Jones Family Scrapbook, 1880-1904, NMAH.AC.0340
Katherine Joseph Papers, 1938-1944, 1962 (bulk 1941), NMAH.AC.0944


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Kahle Engineering Company Records, 1930-1980, NMAH.AC.0735
Kahn Family Films Collection, 1926-1957, NMAH.AC.0722
Line Kallesoe Correspondence, 1866, NMAH.AC.0042
Kamikawa, Omata, and Matsumoto Families Papers, 1850-2006 NMAH.AC.0924
Nathan Kane Video Documentation, 1997, NMAH.AC.0637
Fred Karger Papers, 1960-2015, NMAH.AC.1439
Leonard Karr Collection, 1930-1995, NMAH.AC.0762
Sonia Katchian Carrboro Farmer's Market Project, 1994, NMAH.AC.0793
Kates Film Collection, circa 1929-1931, NMAH.AC.0259
Mollie Katzen Papers, 1972-1991, NMAH.AC.1434
Kauffman Collection, 1851-1883, NMAH.AC.1103
Henry J. Kaufman and Associates Records, 1930s-1970s, NMAH.AC.0843
Robert W. Kearns Papers, 1963-1999, NMAH.AC.1406
John Kearsley Bill, 1786, NMAH.AC.0086
Kelsey Company Records and Amateur Journalism Collection, 1873-1964, NMAH.AC.0377
Emory Kemp Glass and Ceramics Lantern Slide Collection, 1930s, NMAH.AC.0138
Jacob Kendall's Account Book, 1759-1787, NMAH.AC.0033
Anne Judd Kennedy Papers, 1958-1967, NMAH.AC.0506
Kent Family Records, 1879-1933, NMAH.AC.0036
Kern Dental Equipment Collection, 1936-1970, NMAH.AC.0479
Kiehl's Pharmacy Records, 1920-1973 (bulk 1960-1970), NMAH.AC.0819
Jack Kilby Manuscript, 1951, NMAH.AC.0798
D. Ward King Road Grader Collection, 1903-1920, NMAH.AC.1332
Ed King Collection of Civil Rights Material, 1961-1970, NMAH.AC.0559
Howard L. King Engineering Reports, 1928-1949, NMAH.AC.0990
Jean King Glass Negative Collection, 1890-1894, NMAH.AC.0140
Katherine Kingsford Panama Canal Photograph Album, circa 1904-1914, NMAH.AC.1040
Dr. Bruno Z. Kisch Papers, 1904-1968, NMAH.AC.0835
Kit Mobile Home Manufacturing Company Records, 1951-1995, NMAH.AC.0518
Kleinschmidt Teletype Records, 1915-1930, NMAH.AC.1259
Frank Klepetko Michigan Mining Cyanotype Album, circa 1880, NMAH.AC.1042
Jeffrey Kliman Photographs, 1993-2001, NMAH.AC.0628
James Knights Company Records, 1951-1981, NMAH.AC.0847
Eldo C. Koenig Personal Computer Collection, 1950-1969, NMAH.AC.0650
Ruth E. Koenig Mississippi Summer Project Collection, circa 1964-1966, NMAH.AC.0558
Charles W. Koerner RKO Studio Scrapbooks, 1923-1953, NMAH.AC.1432
Hariett Green Kopp Papers, 1930s-1940s, NMAH.AC.1130
Ronald S. Korda Collection of Sports and Trading Cards, 1952-1996, NMAH.AC.0545
William C. Kost Farm Records, 1939-1989, NMAH.AC.0481
Kraft Television Theatre Oral History Project, 1947-1992, NMAH.AC.0464
Sharlene Kranz Paper Ephemera Collection, 1847-1948, NMAH.AC.0513
Melvin Kranzberg Papers, 1934-1988, NMAH.AC.0266
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation Records, 1937-1997, NMAH.AC.0594
Max Kronenberg Machining Science Papers, 1954-1971, NMAH.AC.0813
Harry Kroto Innovative Lives Presentation and Interview, 2001, NMAH.AC.0792
Kryptonite Lock Company Records, 1972-2003, NMAH.AC.0840
Kubla Khan Frozen Food Company Records, 1950-2006, NMAH.AC.1316
Roy C. Kulp Collection of Account Books, 1755-1904, NMAH.AC.0149
Michio and Aveline Kushi Macrobiotics Collection, 1960-2006, NMAH.AC.0619
Stephanie Kwolek Innovative Lives Presentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0596


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Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad Bridge Profiles, 1877-1896, NMAH.AC.1073
Gerald Lamboley Collection of Japanese-American Letters, 1942-1943, NMAH.AC.0450
J. Curtis Lamp Papers, 1942-1988, NMAH.AC.1412
Lamson Cash Carrier Video Documentation, 1995, NMAH.AC.0606
Charles H. Land Papers, 1860-1957, NMAH.AC.0834
Landor Design Collection, circa 1930-1994, NMAH.AC.0500
Anthony Lanza World War II Papers, 1925-1946 (bulk 1940s), NMAH.AC.0910
Edmund A. LaPort Collection, 1920-1950, NMAH.AC.0016
Meyer Later World War I Memorabilia, 1917-1919, NMAH.AC.1140
Latino Music Collection, 1991-2006, undated, NMAH.AC.0852
Edith Lauren Theater Collection, 1950-2018, NMAH.AC.1488
LCL Corporation Records, 1927-circa 1970, NMAH.AC.1170
Clyde E. Learned Papers, 1913-1939, 1949, NMAH.AC.0226
Olive Leavister 19th Century Handmade Valentine Collection, 1830-1880, NMAH.AC.0376
Erasmus D. Leavitt Collection, 1871-1917, NMAH.AC.0966
Lebanon Valley Baseball League Collection, 1936-1963, NMAH.AC.0067
Robert Ledley Papers, 1971-1990, NMAH.AC. 1135
Lee Chinese-American Family Papers, circa 1915-1970, NMAH.AC.0555
Edith Lavinia Lee Scrapbook, circa 1912-1927, NMAH.AC.1415
Leedy Manufacturing Company Photograph Album, circa 1925, NMAH.AC.0188
Mary Leet Account Book, 1806-1810, NMAH.AC.0027
Legal Documents Concerning Slavery, 1796, NMAH.AC.0786
Jeni LeGon Papers, 1930s-2002, NMAH.AC.0829
James Leffel and Company Records, circa 1867-1957, NMAH.AC.0960
Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company Records, 1820-1965, NMAH.AC.0071
Lehigh Valley Coal Company Records, 1864-1865, and undated, NMAH.AC.1106
Lehigh Valley Railroad Records, 1860-1940, NMAH.AC.1046
Annie Leibovitz Color Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald, 1988, NMAH.AC.0588
Daniel M. Leland Account Book, 1789-1791, 1837, NMAH.AC.0029
Len Family Papers, 1922-1999 NMAH.AC.1493
William J. Lenz Piano Tuning Collection, circa 1903-1955, NMAH.AC.0511
Herman Leonard Photoprints Collection, 1948-1993, NMAH.AC.0445
Ronald J. Leonard Papers, circa 1980-1997, NMAH.AC.1109
Shirley Leonard Papers, 1920s-1960s, NMAH.AC.0919
Leslie Company Photograph Albums, circa 1890-1900, NMAH.AC.1182
Floyd Levin Jazz Reference Collection, 1880-2010, NMAH.AC.1222
Bernard Levine Sample Book Collection, 1930s, NMAH.AC.0278
Benjamin Levine Collection of Amateur Boxing Ephemera, 1902-1963, NMAH.AC.0435
Alan and Elaine Levitt Collection, 1920-1960s, NMAH.AC.0303
John Levy Papers, circa 1940s-2001, NMAH.AC.1221
Ramsey Lewis Collection, 1950-2007, NMAH.AC.1126
Lifwynn Foundation Eye-Movement Camera Records, 1938-1954, NMAH.AC.0020
Lighthouse Postcards Collection, undated, NMAH.AC.1055
Lima Locomotive Works, Inc., Service Department Records, NMAH.AC.1180
Ben and Ruth Liman Jazz Films Collection, 1930s-1940s, NMAH.AC.0775
Lisa Lindahl Papers, 2001-2003, NMAH.AC.1352
Link Belt Company Photographs, 1915-1967, NMAH.AC.997
Eleanor Linkous Washington, D.C. Sports Memorabilia Collection, 1925-1956, NMAH.AC.774
Simon Lissim Papers, 1924-1981, NMAH.AC.1276
John Frances Little Panama Canal Photograph Album, 1907-1914, NMAH.AC.0708
Beatrice Litzinger Postcard Collection, 1900-1990, NMAH.AC.0530
Lockwood Greene Records, 1784, 1872-2004, NMAH.AC.1113
Richard Lodish Collection of American Education Ephemera, circa 1825-1908, NMAH.AC.1421
Stanley Lomas Television Commercial Collection, 1950-1956, NMAH.AC.0342
Lombard Governor Company Records, 1898-1970s, NMAH.AC.1091
Lonesome Pine Specials, 1986-1991, NMAH.AC.0487
Crawford W. Long Collection, 1842-1926, NMAH.AC.0120
Charles T. G. Looney Papers, 1917-1971, NMAH.AC.1084
Lord, Dentsu & Partners "Flying Tigers" Advertising Collection, 1981-1989, NMAH.AC.0455
Juanita Tamayo Lott Filipino American Photographs and Papers, 1942-2005 (bulk 1950s-1960s), NMAH.AC.0925
Gilbert Louey Country Music Film Collection, 1920s-1970s, NMAH.AC.0832
Darrell Lucas Advertising History Collection, 1922, 1990, NMAH.AC.0379
George W. Ludington Collection, 1817-1889, NMAH.AC.0135
Frank Driggs Collection of Jimmie Lunceford Orchestrations, 1929-1954, NMAH.AC.0471
Harold Lyons Atomic Clocks Collection, 1935-1991, NMAH.AC.0701


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M*A*S*H Television Show Scripts, 1972-1982, NMAH.AC.0117
Paul MacCready Innovative Lives Presentation, November 8, 2002, NMAH.AC.0842
W. D. MacFarlane Scrapbook, 1870-1892, NMAH.AC.0337
Will MacPheat Collection of USGS Photographs, 1920s-1930s, NMAH.AC.0905
Paul Ma Papers, 1976-1997, NMAH.AC.1469
Clark Maddock Advertising Collection, 1931-1994, NMAH.AC.1346
Akhil Madhani Innovative Lives Presentation, 1999, NMAH.AC.0709
Alfred Maevis Collection, 1903-1969, NMAH.AC.0954
Magellan Systems Corporation GPS Records, 1978-2005 (bulk 1986-1998), NMAH.AC.1214
Joseph Magnin Poster Collection, 1963-1968, NMAH.AC.355
James Mahaffey Cold Fusion Collection, 1989-1992, NMAH.AC.1393
Mahler Product Packaging and Advertising Collection, 1946-2018, NMAH.AC.1482
Maidenform Collection, 1922-1997, NMAH.AC.0585
Maid of Cotton Records, 1939-1993, NMAH.AC.1176
Charles T. Main Inc., Photographs, circa 1908-1910, NMAH.AC.1053
Francis Mair Collection, circa 1932-1986, NMAH.AC.0548
Louisan E. Mamer Rural Electrification Administration Papers, 1927-2002, NMAH.AC.0862
Nicholas C. Mandragos Papers, 1905-1964, NMAH.AC.0484
Chuck Mangione Collection, 1972-2009, NMAH.AC.1151
Dennis Manochio, Sr. Fireworks Collection, 1920s-1940s, NMAH.AC.0533
Manuscript Account Book, 1742-1794, NMAH.AC.0082
Marconi Family Portraits, 1930s, NMAH.AC.0167
David Marcou Photo Prints, 2008-2009, NMAH.AC.1187
Markham/Berry Indenture, 1696/1697, NMAH.AC.0185
Peter Marks Minstrelsy Collection, circa 1861-1883, NMAH.AC.1328
Marlboro Oral History & Documentation Collection, 1926-1988, NMAH.AC.0198
Martin and Morris Music Company Records, 1930-1985, NMAH.AC.0492
Emiliano Martinez Collection, 1984, NMAH.AC.0176
Patrick Martinez Pee Chee Folders , 2016-2020, NMAH.AC.1507
Ladislaus Laszlo Marton Collection, 1932-1970, NMAH.AC.0100
William M. Marutani Papers, 1940-2003, NMAH.AC.0890
Maryland Farm Diary, 1879-1894, NMAH.AC.1267
Groucho Marx Collection, 1911-1978, NMAH.AC.0269
Harpo Marx Papers, ca. 1900-1964 (bulk 1930s-1964), NMAH.AC.1290
William Mason Papers, 1839-1857, NMAH.AC.0045
Massie/McLurkin Innovative Lives Presentation and Interviews, 1995, 1997, NMAH.AC.0603
Nathaniel Mathis Collection of Barbering and Beauty Culture, 1946-2004, 2010 , NMAH.AC.0641
The Mattachine Society of Washington "Love in Action" Collection, 2004, NMAH.AC.1428
Maria von Matthiessen Photo Prints, circa 1990-1998, NMAH.AC.0622
Bill Mauldin Cartoon Collection, 1946-1987, NMAH.AC.0307
Matthew Mawhinney Industrial Furnace Collection, 1917-1978, NMAH.AC.0224
Emmett McBain Afro-American Advertising Poster Collection, 1971-1976, NMAH.AC.0192
Harry A. McBride Railroad Photographs, circa 1940s-1950s, NMAH.AC.1171
Jay McCarter Phonograph Collection, 1940s-1950s, NMAH.AC.0541
William McCloskey Fishing and World Fisheries Photographic Collection, 1952-2005 NMAH.AC.1192
Roland A. McCrady Photograph Collection, 1906, 1913 NMAH.AC.0710
Betty McGettigan Collection of Duke Ellington Memorabilia, circa 1969-1986, NMAH.AC.0494
Richard McCowan Photoprints, circa 2010, NMAH.AC.1210
McIntosh, Seymour and Company Records, circa 1886-1939, NMAH.AC.0985
McKinley Music and Ephemera Collection, 1945-1994, NMAH.AC.0635
George E. "Mello" and Neva Saterlee McNally Vaudeville Collection, circa 1889-1964, NMAH.AC.0760
Charles E. McTiernan Scrapbook Collection, 1929-1931, NMAH.AC.0202
Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland Collection, circa 1740-1965, NMAH.AC.0114
Medical Sciences Film Collection, 1930s-1960s, NMAH.AC.0222
Samuel J. Meeks Carriage Works Records, 1881-1891, NMAH.AC.1502
Meggers Collection, 1914-1970, NMAH.AC.0061
Miss America 1951 Papers, 1910-2003, NMAH.AC.0888
Montgomery C. Meigs Papers, 1870-1890, NMAH.AC.0984
Melrose Diner Collection, 1938-1988, NMAH.AC.0489
Memories of the New York World's Fair, 1939-1940, NMAH.AC.0592
Men & Women: Gender & Costume TV Commercials Collection, 1988-1989, NMAH.AC.0529
Merchant Marine/Navy World War Two Oral History and Memorabilia Collection, 1943-1946, NMAH.AC.405
Mergenthaler Linotype Company Records, 1905-1993, NMAH.AC.0666
Virginia Mericle Menu Collection, 1960-1999, NMAH.AC.1212
Messmore and Damon, Inc. Company Records, 1892-1998, NMAH.AC.0846
METCO Inc. Materials, 1977-2014, NMAH.AC.1410
William Metzig Papers, [192-]-[197-], NMAH.AC.1269
Wilbur L. Metz Collection of Railroad Ephemera, 1910-1986, NMAH.AC.1172
Mexican Border Veterans, Inc., and Auxiliary Scrapbooks, 1916-1981, NMAH.AC.0119
Edgar Meyer Innovative Lives Program, 2005, NMAH.AC.0918
Greg Meyer Taser Collection, 1946-2009, NMAH.AC.1311
Daniel H. Meyerson World's Fair Collection, 1915-2000, NMAH.AC.0745
Dewey Michaels Burlesque Collection, 1920s-1967, NMAH.AC.0065
Microelectronics Oral History Collection, 1996, NMAH.AC.0566
Milford & Owego Turnpike Road Company Treasurer's Account Book, 1817-1824, NMAH.AC.0153
Elinor S. Miller Paper Doll Collection, circa 1909-1940, NMAH.AC.1110
Eric Miller Collection, 1953-1983, NMAH.AC.0587
Joseph Miller Collection, circa 1895-1992, NMAH.AC.0514
Richard H. Miller Bridge Collection : postcards and slides, circa 1950-1988 and undated, NMAH.AC.0950
James A. Millholland Collection, 1866-1899, NMAH.AC.0163
Records of the Robert Mills Papers Project, circa 1800-1860s, 1984-1989, NMAH.AC.0344
Minnesota Railroads Photograph Albums, 1886-1887, NMAH.AC.1023
Francis M. Misklea Carousel Collection, 1879-1956, NMAH.AC.0665
Ada Mitchell Travel Diary, 1938, NMAH.AC.1369
Modjeski and Masters Company Records, 1870-1979 (bulk 1900-1940), NMAH.AC.0976
Reuben C. Moffat Correspondence, 1852, NMAH.AC.1101
Albert F. Moglie Violinists and Violin-Making Collection, 1917-1985, NMAH.AC.0283
Thelonious Monk Music Manuscript, 1951, NMAH.AC.0914
James Moody Papers, circa 1989-2008, NMAH.AC.1405
Moses Moon Collection, 1963-1964, NMAH.AC.0556
Ann Moore Innovative Lives Presentation and Interview, 1999, NMAH.AC.0706
Clayton Moore "Lone Ranger" Collection, 1980-1999, NMAH.AC.0727
Ernst D. Moore Papers, 1888-1932, NMAH.AC.0321
Gene Moore Tiffany and Company Photographs, 1955-1995, NMAH.AC.1280
Mildred Moore Collection, 1925-1975, NMAH.AC.0409
Moore-Stein Protein Sequencer Video Documentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0607
Anthony Moreno Papers, 1965-1973, NMAH.AC.1478
Nathan W. Morgan Papers, circa 1902-1972, NMAH.AC.0965
George S. Morison Collection, 1846-1903, NMAH.AC.0978
Dr. James Beall Morrison Correspondence, 1869-1873, NMAH.AC.0442
Joan and Robert K. Morrison Collection, 1985-1987, NMAH.AC.0359
Morton Family Collection, 1849-1911, NMAH.AC.0118
Robert Mosher Photoprints, 1971-1973, 2003, NMAH.AC.1203
Willie Mosconi Papers, 1924-2000, NMAH.AC.0744
Mothers Against Drunk Driving Collection, circa 1980-1992, NMAH.AC.1262
Motion Picture Press Kits Collection, circa 1985-2013, NMAH.AC.1353
Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, Day Book, 1863-1864, NMAH.AC.0031
Wadsworth W. Mount Papers, 1920-1984, NMAH.AC.0352
Moving Beyond Earth, Innovations in Space, 2011, NMAH.AC.1287
Mr. R&B Collection, 1976-1991, NMAH.AC.0551
Marvin E. Mundel Industrial Engineering Collection, 1937-1996, NMAH.AC.0676
E. Murdock & Company Records, 1863-1954, NMAH.AC.0268
Musical Instrument Recording Session Photo Print, 1900, NMAH.AC.0194
Annamae Barlup Myers and Stephen Harriman Diaries, 1883-1894, 1931-1967, NMAH.AC.0345
Stephanie Myers Jazz Photographs, 1984-1987, NMAH.AC.0887
Richard Myrland Wurlitzer Jukebox Collection, 1971-1973, NMAH.AC.0784


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Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks, 1950-2006, NMAH.AC.1313
Faris & Yamna Naff Arab American Collection, circa 1875-2004, NMAH.AC.0078
Nagle Engine and Boiler Works Records, circa 1890-1939, NMAH.AC.1083
Joseph S. Klein National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers Records, 1986-2005, NMAH.AC.0901
National Bureau of Standards Radio Collection, 1917-1933, NMAH.AC.0217
National Company (NATCO) Atomic Clocks Records, 1955-1968, NMAH.AC.0547
National Industrial Conservation Movement Posters, 1916-1917, NMAH.AC.1454
National Cotton Council Photograph and Film Collection, circa 1945-1999, NMAH.AC.1177
National Photographic Society Records, 1942-1986, NMAH.AC.0681
National Press Photographers Association Oral Histories, 1957-1968, NMAH.AC.0620
National Zoo Training Films Collection, 1968-1981, NMAH.AC.0685
Navroze Contractor Photograph Collection, 1978-1995, NMAH.AC.0569
Pictorial History of NBC Engineering Department: Photograph Album, 1946-1979, NMAH.AC.0738
Lopez Negrete Communications Advertising Collection, 1988-2015, NMAH.AC.1413
Malcolm H. Nelsen Collection of Railroad Labor Union Materials, 1950s-1960s, NMAH.AC.1173
Saul Nesbitt Papers, 1951-1984, NMAH.AC.1275
Tom Newby Innovative Lives and Oral History, August 5, 2006, NMAH.AC.0941
New England Country Fairs Photographs, 1978-1981, NMAH.AC.1497
New England Gravestone Imagery Collection, circa 1650-1815, NMAH.AC.0658
New England Merchant and Farmer Account Book, 1813-1859, NMAH.AC.0039
Earl Newman Collection of Monterey Jazz Festival Posters, 1963-2009, NMAH.AC.1207
Lou Newman Collection of Baseball Memorabilia, 1895-1999, NMAH.AC.0696
New York Central Railroad Valuation Negatives, 1918, NMAH.AC.1072
New York Medical Prescription Scrapbook, 1878-1879, NMAH.AC.0131
New York World's Fair Collection, 1939, NMAH.AC.0134
Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Records, 1848-1946 (bulk 1890-1929) NMAH.AC.1060
Niagara Falls Power Company Photographs, 1899-1919, NMAH.AC.0949
Niagara Railroad Negatives, circa 1880s-1920, NMAH.AC.1081
James H. Nicholson Amateur Radio Collection, 1920-1970, NMAH.AC.0577
John Nicholson Papers, 1946-1947, NMAH.AC.1279
Nickerson and Collins Refrigeration Photographs, 1888-1928, and undated, NMAH.AC.1044
G. Charles Niemeyer Motion Picture Research Papers, circa 1960-1990, NMAH.AC.0679
Nike Advertising History Collection, 1958-1992, NMAH.AC.0448
Nineteenth Century Actor Photograph Collection, 1868-1897, NMAH.AC.0779
Louis S. Nixdorff 1928 Olympic Games Collection, 1926-1978, NMAH.AC.0443
Nobel Voices Video History Project, 2000-2001, NMAH.AC.0771
A. J. Noerager Collection, 1914-1940, NMAH.AC.0017
Norcross Greeting Card Collection, 1800-1981, NMAH.AC.0058
Nordic Ware Records, 1940-2006, NMAH.AC.0980
Nordberg Manufacturing Company Records, 1891-1947, NMAH.AC.0975
Arne Nordskog Collection, 1915-1924, NMAH.AC.0539
Isabel Norniella Papers, cicra 1969-2005, NMAH.AC.1417
Thomas Norrell Railroad Photographs Collection, circa 1840-circa 1960 (bulk 1870-1940), NMAH.AC.1174
Elwood Norris Innovative Lives Presentation and Oral History, March 10, 2007, NMAH.AC.1108
North American Water and Power Alliance Collection, 1964-1990, NMAH.AC.1052
Northern New York Telegraph & Telephone Company Records, 1881-1887, NMAH.AC.0099
Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge Construction Photograph Album, 1883-1884, NMAH.AC.1030
Northern Pacific Railway Photo Prints, 1880-1945, NMAH.AC.1067
Red Norvo Papers, 1932-1998, NMAH.AC.0858
Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Records, 1900-1985 (bulk 1920-1940s), NMAH.AC.0329
Bill Nye Papers, circa 1970-2014, NMAH.AC.1383
Edwin Nye Sundial Collection, undated, NMAH.AC.0671
K. K. Nygaard Papers, 1921-1986, NMAH.AC.0378


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Ellen Ochoa Video Documentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0595
Victor L. Ochoa Papers, circa 1894-1945, NMAH.AC.0590
Ocho y Media Collection, 1979-1997, NMAH.AC.1473
Rosalie O'Connell Photograph Album, 1912-1917, NMAH.AC.0187
Odex I Walking Robot Collection, 1973-1986, NMAH.AC.0203
Chico O'Farrill Papers, 1949, 1975, 1999, NMAH.AC.0892
Mamoru Oishi Papers, circa 1941-1962, NMAH.AC.1420
Earl Okin Collection of Duke Ellington Ephemera, 1933-1987, NMAH.AC.0391
Robert F. Olds Collection, 1918-1948, NMAH.AC.0231
Jules Olitski and Mark Golden Lecture, 1997, NMAH.AC.0632
G. Dwoyid Olmstead Photonegatives, 1941-1945, NMAH.AC.0270
Orange Bowl Collection, 1932-2009, NMAH.AC.1191
Hector and Norma Orcí Advertising Agency Records 1979-2016, NMAH.AC.1384
Edward J. Orth Memorial Archives of the World's Fair, 1835-1992, NMAH.AC.0560
Osteopathy Collection, 1887-1941, NMAH.AC.0021
Elaine Ostroff Universal Design Papers, 19605-2009, NMAH.AC.1356


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Page Tractor Company Papers,1940-1979, NMAH.AC.1005
Charles Grafton Page Papers, 1844-1870, NMAH.AC.0933
Susie Paige Afro-American Greeting Card Collection, 1900-1984, NMAH.AC.0263
Paint By Numbers Collection, circa 1934-1957, NMAH.AC.0544
Panama Canal Commission Photo Negatives, 1903-circa 1939, NMAH.AC.1116
Paris Exposition Universelle Photo Prints, 1900, NMAH.AC.0373
Parke, Davis Research Laboratory Records, 1902-1950, NMAH.AC.0001
Jane Parker Cake Advertising Sample Book, 1947, NMAH.AC.0720
Shaun D. Parker Papers, 1984-2000, NMAH.AC.1204
John K. Partlett Agriculture Collection, 1859-2011, NMAH.AC.1225
Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade and Douglas Records, 1906-2003 (bulk 1906-1918), NMAH.AC.0969
Beverly Partridge Shopping Bag Collection, 1970s-1990, NMAH.AC0.493
Christina Patoski Holiday Photo Prints, circa 1973-1992, NMAH.AC.0508
Verna G. Patterson Comic Book Collection, 1901-1917, NMAH.AC.0106
Les Paul Videohistory Project Collection, 2005, NMAH.AC.1121
Frank Paulin Photoprints, 1950s-1994 (bulk 1950-1960), NMAH.AC.1373
L.F. Pease Card Company Collection, 1908-1936, NMAH.AC.1251
Joseph Pedott Papers, circa 1976-2005, NMAH.AC.0898
Peery Typesetting Records, 1937-1959, NMAH.AC.0550
Pelton Water Wheel Collection, 1891-1987, NMAH.AC.1093
Anthony W. Pendergast Collection, 1920s-1970, NMAH.AC.0882
Penn Station New York Photographs, circa 1903-1910, NMAH.AC.1048
Pennsylvania State Anthracite Mine Cave Commission Report, 1912-1913, NMAH.AC.0180
Pepsi-Cola Advertising Collection, 1902-1982, NMAH.AC.0092
Pepsi Generation Oral History & Documentation Collection, 1938-1986, NMAH.AC.0111
Dean F. Petersen Collection, 1952-1977, NMAH.AC.0967
Anne E. Peterson Stereograph Collection, circa 1893-1904, NMAH.AC.0402
William Pettit Correspondence, 1864-1865, NMAH.AC.0177
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company Records, 1866-1927, NMAH.AC.0282
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company Records, 1860-1936, NMAH.AC.0208
Philadelphia Theater Plat Book, 1911-1913, NMAH.AC.1318
Philadelphia Typewriter Company Records, 1886-1902, NMAH.AC.0123
Van Phillips Oral History and Papers, 1991-2004, NMAH.AC.0859
William Phillips Innovative Lives Presentation, 2001, NMAH.AC.0770
PhoneTel Collection, 1954-1994, NMAH.AC.874
Greenleaf Pickard Notebooks and Nikola Tesla Patents, 1898-1941, NMAH.AC.0915
Captain Henry Piercy Property Account, 1793-1799, NMAH.AC.0041
Andre Piette Collection, 1954-1979, NMAH.AC.0129
Pillsbury Company Bake-Off Collection, 1933-1998, NMAH.AC.0690
Pioneers of Plastic Audiotapes, 1952-1968, NMAH.AC.1235
Pipes and Tobacco Scrapbooks, 1930s-1950s, NMAH.AC.0159
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Photographs, 1925-1928, NMAH.AC.1079
Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway Company Drawings, 1948-1950, NMAH.AC.0279
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company photographs and other materials, 1885-1940s NMAH.AC.1007
Pittsburgh Locomotive Works Records, 1874-1910, NMAH.AC.0164
David Plowden North American Bridge Photographs, 1970-1976, NMAH.AC.1019
David Plowden Steel Manufacturing Photographs, 1981, NMAH.AC.1020
Benjamin Pollard Letter Book, 1787-1792, NMAH.AC.0035
Political Machines: Innovations in Campaigns and Elections, 2012, NMAH.AC.1364
Shirley Polykoff Oral History Interview, 1990, NMAH.AC.0474
Ithiel de Sola Pool Collection, 1919-1984, NMAH.AC.0713
Chuck Popenoe Documentation Project, 2008-2011, NMAH.AC.1281
Helen Popenoe Paper Doll Collection, 1942-1947, NMAH.AC.1156
Sherman Poppen Papers, 1966-2008, NMAH.AC.1159
Portrait of Invention: The Color Revolution, September 25, 2012, NMAH.AC.1301
"Potomac: East and West" Photo Prints, 1991, NMAH.AC.0441
Charles Richardson Pratt Papers, 1860-1935, bulk 1910-1924, NMAH.AC.0958
Pratt & Whitney Company Scrapbook, 1897-1906, NMAH.AC.0093
Pratt, Read Corporation Records, 1839-1990, NMAH.AC.0320
Timothy Prescott's Lesson Book, 1803, NMAH.AC.0032
Dick Price Collection of Ice Show and Ice Skating Memorabilia, 1936-1999, NMAH.AC.1206
Edwin Price Reminiscences, 1893, NMAH.AC.0070
Princeton University Poster Collection, circa 1906-1950, NMAH.AC.0433
Priscilla of Boston Collection, 1940-1996, NMAH.AC.0557
Procter & Gamble Company Product Packaging Collection, 1940s-1970s, NMAH.AC.0836
Product Cookbooks Collection, circa 1874-2009, NMAH.AC.0396
Program in African American Culture Collection, 1979-1986, NMAH.AC.0408
Project Bionics Artificial Organ Documentation Collection, 2002, NMAH.AC.0841
Providence Engineering Works Records, 1881-1923, 1933, NMAH.AC.1076
Providence & Worcester Railroad Repair Shop Account Book, 1851-1899, NMAH.AC.0154
Tito Puente Papers, 1962-2001, NMAH.AC.0894
Puerto Rico Division of Community Education Poster Collection, 1940-1990, NMAH.AC.0615
Pullman Palace Car Company Collection, 1867-1982 (bulk 1900-1930s), NMAH.AC.0181
Pullman Palace Car Company Photographs, circa 1882-1955, NMAH.AC.1175

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Quartermaster Corps Outfitted to Fight: Video Documentation, 1995, NMAH.AC.0608
William H. Quealy Collection of Duke Ellington Recordings, 1950-1970, NMAH.AC.0296
Quebec Bridge Photograph Collection, 1905-1986 (bulk 1905-1916), NMAH.AC.1026
James W. Queen & Company Collection, 1850-1952, NMAH.AC.0015
Manuel Quiles Films, 1944-1947, NMAH.AC.0765
Quince Años Documentation, 1985-2000, NMAH.AC.1163

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Jacob Rabinow Papers, 1947-1990, NMAH.AC.0403
Lloyd F. Rader Papers, 1925-1979, NMAH.AC.0952
Boyd Raeburn Papers, circa 1942-1949, NMAH.AC.1431
Railroad Bridges Construction Photograph Album, circa 1905-1914, NMAH.AC.1024
Railroad History Collection of America, 1922-2000, bulk 1968-2000, NMAH AC 1327
Railroad Trade Literature Collection, 1861-1994, NMAH.AC.1136
Railway Express Agency Records, 1860-1970, NMAH.AC.0260
Ramsay Family Papers, 1749-1924, 1957, NMAH.AC.0088
Mr. & Mrs. F. F. Randolph Poster Collection, 1923-1950s, NMAH.AC.0876
Evan Rangeloff Collection of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Sales Materials, circa 1955-1991, NMAH.AC.0716
Ken Rattenbury Collection, 1967-1991, NMAH.AC.0432
William Rau Steamship Collection, circa 1900-2007, NMAH.AC.1307
Bernice Johnson Reagon Collection of African American Sacred Music, circa 1822-1994, NMAH.AC.0653
Jose L. Hernandez-Rebollar Innovative Lives Program, 2005, NMAH.AC.0917
Recollections of Leonard Becker, 1976, NMAH.AC.0248
Reddy Kilowatt Records, NMAH.AC.0913
Samuel Reed Bridge Collection, 1947-1964, NMAH.AC.1001
Daniella Reichstetter Innovative Lives Presentation, 2011 NMAH.AC.1254
Lili Rethi Papers, undated, NMAH.AC.0749
Revlon Advertising Collection, 1936-1986, NMAH.AC.0939
Corbett Reynolds Papers, 1962-2015, NMAH.AC.1390
Nick Reynolds Kingston Trio Papers 1950-2014, NMAH.AC.1472
Rhode Island Jewelry Design Collection, 1944-2009, NMAH.AC.1505
Robert B. Rice Film Collection, 1936-1945, NMAH.AC.0308
Robert B. Rice Papers, 1915-1954, NMAH.AC.0322
Linda Richards Correspondence, 1886-1890, NMAH.AC.0221
Oscar W. Richards Collection, 1923-1988, NMAH.AC.0343
Mattie Keel Riner Postcard Collection, 1912-1915, 1932, NMAH.AC.0629
Charles Rivers Photographs, 1929-1963 (mostly 1929-1930), NMAH.AC.0360
Mary Ann Whitaker Robinson Student Nursing Papers, 1955-1959, 1985, NMAH.AC.0499
Holton Duncan Robinson Papers, 1889-1938, NMAH.AC.0963
Robinson-Via Family Papers, 1845-2000, NMAH.AC.0475
Jack Robrecht Collection of Firefighting Photographs, 1852-1983, NMAH.AC.1231
Rock 'n' Soul Project Collection, 1990-2000, NMAH.AC.0879
Lawrence Robbins Water Mill Photographs, 1916-1917, NMAH.AC.0995
Seymour Robins Papers, 1962-1992, NMAH.AC.1270
David Hadley Rockwell New York Disco Ephemera Collection, circa 1980-2004, NMAH.AC.1342
John A. Roebling Collection, 1836-1975 (bulk 1930-1950), NMAH.AC.0981
Harold R. D. Roess Papers, circa 1920-1964, NMAH.AC.0048
Dawn V. Rogala Circus Photographs and Papers, 1992-1999, NMAH.AC.1427
John B. Rogers Producing Company Collection, 1929-1934, NMAH.AC.0245
Marjorie Last Rogers Tupperware Records, 1951-1953, NMAH.AC.1500
Henry Romeike Clipping Scrapbook, 1856-1916, NMAH.AC.0338
Fred S. Rosenau Papers, 1944-1945, NMAH.AC.0478
Mel Rosenthal Photographs, 1985- NMAH.AC.1307
Rosie the Riveter Health Study Records, 1979, NMAH.AC.0621
Donald Rouland Ephemera Collection, circa 1940-1990, NMAH.AC.0705
History of the Royal Hawaiian Band Collection, 1836-1980, NMAH.AC.0361
Lloyd Rucker Photographs of Lionel Hampton, 1940-1990, NMAH.AC.1436
Lucinda Rudell Covered Bridges Collection, 1942-1986, NMAH.AC.1028
Bob Rule Papers, circa 1950-2002, NMAH.AC.0855
James Rumsey Bill, 1786, NMAH.AC.0087
James Rumsey Promissory Note, 1788, NMAH.AC.0216
Russian Easter Egg Patterns, 1888-1896, NMAH.AC.0778
William Russo Music and Personal Papers, 1920-2003, NMAH.AC.0845
William Russo Transcription and Arrangement of Duke Ellington's First Concert of Sacred Music, undated, NMAH.AC.0406
Edwin G. Rust Papers, 1890-1928, NMAH.AC.1070
Rutgers University Collection of Radio Interviews about Duke Ellington, 1971-1986, NMAH.AC.0328
Rutgers University NEA Jazz Oral History Project, 1974-1984, NMAH.AC.0327
Lewis M. Rutherfurd Collection, 1846-1884, NMAH.AC.0364
Frank J. Ryan Sports Training Collection, 1936-1982, NMAH.AC.0871
Ryder Mobile Homes Park Collection, 1920s-2001, NMAH.AC.0777
Joel Ryder Cyphering Books, 1792-1793, NMAH.AC.0089

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S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Company/Brooks Typewriter Company Records, 1890-1897, NMAH.AC.0365
Charlotte Cramer Sachs Papers, 1905-2002, NMAH.AC.0878
Terry M. Sachs Collection, 1965-1971, NMAH.AC.0238
Safko International, Inc. Records, 1984-1998, NMAH.AC.0911
Costa Sakalleriou Photoprints, 2015-2017, NMAH.AC.1456
The Salem China Company Collection, 1930s-1981, NMAH.AC.0325
Polly Salmon Account Book, 1785-1787, NMAH.AC.0040
William Sawyer manuscript history of the Corliss steam-engine, 1988, NMAH.AC.1329
Sheila Salo Gypsy Photographs, 1973-1979, NMAH.AC.0357
Sandford Greeting Card Company and Family Papers, circa 1840-1990, NMAH.AC.1252
Fernando Sandoval Washington, D.C. Photo Prints, 1970s-2000, 2008, NMAH.AC.1155
Mongo Santamaria Papers, 1965-2001, NMAH.AC.0893
Robert Sardino Movie Theater Collection, 1953-1981, NMAH.AC.1471
John L. Savage Papers, 1944, NMAH.AC.0227
William J. Savage Company Records, 1914-1937, NMAH.AC.0991
David Savidge Papers, 1950-1958, NMAH.AC.0633
Serge A. Scherbatskoy Papers, circa 1925-2002 (bulk 1970s-1990s), NMAH.AC.0936
Duncan P. Schiedt Photograph Collection, circa 1900-2012, NMAH.AC.1323
Frank Schiffman Apollo Theatre Collection, 1933-1974, NMAH.AC.0540
Joseph Schillinger Collection, bulk 1940-1941, 1985 NMAH.AC.0162
Leslie Schinella Collection of Gene Krupa Materials, 1945-1970, NMAH.AC.1220
Helen Louise Schneider Baby Beauty Contests Photo Album,  bulk 1922-1934, 1940 NMAH.AC.1494
Jes Wilhelm Schlaikjer Poster Collection, 1942-1952, NMAH.AC.0546
Roy Schultz Collection of Underwood and Underwood Photographs, 1902-1918, NMAH.AC.1330
Science Action Coordinating Committee (SACC) Papers, 1968-1969, NMAH.AC.0473
Scientist Portrait Collection, 1870-1900, NMAH.AC.0191
Scientists and Inventors Portrait File, 1950-1980, NMAH.AC.0315
Scrapbook of Comics, 1889-1900, NMAH.AC.0234
Scurlock Studio Records, circa 1905-1994, NMAH.AC.0618
Tim Scurlock Collection, 1920, 1996, NMAH.AC.1261
Sea Voyage Journal, 1884, NMAH.AC.0271
Jean W. Seele Rural Photographs, 1970s-1980s, NMAH.AC.0759
Mark Segal Papers, circa 1960-2017, NMAH.AC.1422
Emilio Segre Collection, 1942-1997, NMAH.AC.0691
Atherton Seidell Papers, circa 1932-1964, NMAH.AC.0449
Sendzimir Mill Video Documentation, 1996, NMAH.AC.0605
September 11 Exhibit Comment Cards, 2002-2003, NMAH.AC.0848
Michele M. Serros Papers, 1968-2012, NMAH.AC.1481
Service Members Legal Defense Network Records, 1975-2009 (bulk 1993-2008), NMAH.AC.1282
Adrien-Francois Servais Papers, 1842-1884, NMAH.AC.195
Servodyne Corporation Records, 1955-1971, NMAH.AC.0839
S. Prakash Sethi Advocacy Advertising Collection, 1970s-1980s, NMAH.AC.0168
Jacob Setley Papers and Daybook, 1832-1848, NMAH.AC.190
Frank Seymour Firefighting Ephemera Collection, 1852-1957, NMAH.AC.1232
Earl Shaffer Papers, 1803-2007, NMAH.AC.0828
The Shamrock Bar: Photographs and Interviews, 1997-2003, NMAH.AC.0857
Lester Shanks Collection of Covered Bridge Photographs and Ephemera, 1876-2010 (bulk 1973-2008), NMAH.AC.1244
SHARE Numerical Analysis Project Records, 1964-1970, NMAH.AC.0498
SHARE Records, 1955-1986, NMAH.AC.0567
Sharpe, Weiss and Company Records, 1854-1889, NMAH.AC.0399
Dorothy Shaver Papers, circa 1922-1959, NMAH.AC.0631
John Clifford Shaw Papers, 1933-1991, NMAH.AC.0580
Walter Shearer Pamphlet Collection, 1948-1973, NMAH.AC.0347
Charles Sheldon Papers, 1902-1959, NMAH.AC.1423
Sheldon-Claire Company Records, 1926-1968, NMAH.AC.0768
Dr. Theodore Shell Collection of Duke Ellington Ephemera, 1933-1990, NMAH.AC.0502
Matthew Shepard Papers, 1976-2018, NMAH.AC.1463
Patsy Sherman Video Documentation, 1997, NMAH.AC.0599
Saburo Shimono Papers, 1948-2013, NMAH.AC.1379
Floyd Shimomura Papers, circa 1978-2004 (bulk 1981-1984) NMAH.AC.1376
Bobby Short Papers, 1908, 1934-2005, NMAH.AC.0946
Shriners Hospital Patient Isolation Unit Records, 1956-1981 (bulk 1969-1972), NMAH.AC.1142
Robert L. Shurr Script and Scrapbook for the Motion Picture George Washington Carver, NMAH.AC.0133
George Sidney Collection, 1885-2002 (bulk 1940-1967), NMAH.AC.0867
Jack Siefert Woody Herman Collection, 1913-1990, NMAH.AC.0659
Horace Silver Collection, 1981-1998, NMAH.AC.0737
Simmons Company Records, 1900-1997 (bulk 1920-1980), NMAH.AC.0731
George W. Sims Papers, 1896-1981, NMAH.AC.0127
Singer Industrial Design Collection, 1927-1983 (bulk 1960-1977), NMAH.AC.169
Jonathan Singer Photographs: Digital Photographic Prints, 2011, NMAH.AC.1243
Sioux City Ghosts Collection, 1920s-1983, NMAH.AC.0634
Nancy Sirkis Digital Photo Prints, circa 2008-2009, NMAH.AC.1186
Skinner Engine Company Records, 1880-1960, NMAH.AC.1087
Lenora Slaughter Papers, 1935-2003, NMAH.AC.1227
Slover Puppeteer Collection, 1880-1990, NMAH.AC.1464
Records of Small Beginnings, Inc.,1986-2006, NMAH.AC.0940
Eugene D. Smallwood Gospel Music Collection, 1931-1945, NMAH.AC.0456
Alexander Smith Account and Letter Book, 1792-1797, NMAH.AC.0083
B. Thomas Smith Minstrel Show Posters, undated, NMAH.AC.1409
Ernie Smith Jazz Film Collection, 1894-1979, NMAH.AC.0491
Gordon R. Smith Kentucky Photo Prints, 1994, NMAH.AC.0700
Lawrence Talma Smith Papers, circa 1927-1966, NMAH.AC.0988
Lawrence V. Smith Photographic Collection, 1970s-2009, NMAH.AC.1314
Loretta Thomsen Smith Picture Postcard Collection, 1900-1970, NMAH.AC.0147
S. Morgan Smith Company Records, 1890-1914, NMAH.AC.1099
Walker R. Smith Rural Maryland Photo Prints, 1936-1991, NMAH.AC.0446
Willie Smith Collection, 1945-1987, NMAH.AC.0382
Smithsonian Jazz Oral History Program Collection, 1992-2012, NMAH.AC.0808
Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project Collection, circa 1991, NMAH.AC.0417
Smithsonian Underwater Archaeology Film Collection, 1960s, NMAH.AC.0262
Smithsonian World/WETA "Selling the Dream" Collection, 1990-1991, NMAH.AC.0418
Smothers Brothers Collection, 1937-2003 (bulk 1960-1990) NMAH.AC.1437
Snake River Irrigation Project Photo Album, 1912, NMAH.AC.1031
J. Parker Snow Collection, 1882-1933 (bulk 1930-1933), NMAH.AC.1000
Society for Industrial Archaeology Records, 1968-2000, NMAH.AC.0688
Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) Records, 1956-2012, NMAH.AC.0400
Sofranoff Collection, circa 1930s-1990, NMAH.AC.0564
Sohmer & Company Records, 1872-1989, NMAH.AC.349
Roy Soltoff Collection, 1978-1984, NMAH.AC.275
Stephen Somerstein Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights March Photographs, 1965, NMAH.AC.1300
Something Ventured Film Transcripts, 2008-2010, NMAH.AC.1467
Sosa, Bromley and Aguilar and Associates Records, 1981-1997, NMAH.AC.1351
Soul Train Music Awards Records, 1987-2004, NMAH.AC.1223
John Souther Collection, 1867-1918, NMAH.AC.953
Southern Agriculture Oral History Project Records, 1986-1991, NMAH.AC.773
Southern Iron & Equipment Company Records, 1903-1960, NMAH.AC.0354
Merrie Spaeth Collection of "Davy Crockett" Trading Cards, 1956, NMAH.AC.0873
Spanish-American War Peace Jubilee Scrapbook, 1899, NMAH.AC.0460
Spanish Language Broadcasting Collection, 1940-2017, NMAH.AC.1404
Kenneth H. Sparnon Collection, 1912-1961, NMAH.AC.0064
Sperry Rail Detector Car Collection, 1928-1985, NMAH.AC.0497
Mortimer Spiller Company Records, 1954-1989, NMAH.AC.1387
Spokeswoman Magazine Printed Materials, 1972-1980, NMAH.AC.0931
Sproul Observatory Astronomers Photo Prints, 1916-1975, NMAH.AC.251
Norman W. Squires Collection, 1908-2006, undated NMAH.AC. 927
St. Felix Sisters Scrapbook, 1880-1904, NMAH.AC.294
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Documentation Project, 1960-2006, NMAH.AC.0816
Stall and Dean Company Records, 1898-1998, NMAH.AC.0669
Standards Western Automatic Computer Circuit Notebooks, 1946-1952, NMAH.AC.1217
Stanley Home Products Company Records, 1896-1999 (bulk: 1960s-1970s), NMAH.AC.0788
Benjamin H. Stansbury Papers, 1955-1995, NMAH.AC.1350
Jean Stapleton Papers, 1906-2014, NMAH.AC.1424
A.B. Starr Mechanical Engineering Lab Reports, 1905-1906, NMAH.AC.1034
Clyde W. Stauffer Family Photograph Album, 1935-1940, NMAH.AC.0139
Lili St. Cyr Papers, 1917-1999, NMAH.AC.1451
R. Wallace Steel Papers, 1864-1903, NMAH.AC.1449
Richard Steele Papers, 1948-1963, NMAH.AC.0080
Enoch Steen Collection, 1888-1972, NMAH.AC.0206
Sally L. Steinberg Collection of Doughnut Ephemera, 1920s-1987, NMAH.AC.0439
Steinway & Sons Records and Family Papers, 1857-1919, NMAH.AC.0178
F. W. Stemmler Letterpress Book, 1895-1897, NMAH.AC.0336
Stereo Photographers Stereographs, 1893-1904, NMAH.AC.414
Sterling Drug, Inc. Records, 1867-1993, NMAH.AC.0772
Jane and Michael Stern Collection, circa 1920-2015, NMAH.AC.1392
John Stevens Collection, 1808-1881, NMAH.AC.333
Chuck Stewart Jazz Photographs, 1964-1971, NMAH.AC.1321
Rex Stewart Papers, circa 1875-1905, 1924-1988, NMAH.AC.0424
Beatrice Morgan Steyskal Collection of Greeting Cards, 1958-1970, NMAH.AC.1198
W.B. Stine Panama Canal Papers, 1904-1911, NMAH.AC.1039
W. Royal Stokes Collection of Music Publicity Photo Prints, circa 1970-2000, NMAH.AC.0766
William D. Stone General Store Ledger and Papers, 1865-2003 (bulk 1865), NMAH.AC.1358
William R. Stone Microwave Oven Papers, 1967-1985, NMAH.AC.1320
C. L. Stong Papers, 1952-1976, NMAH.AC.0012
Stover Family Migrant Farming Collection, 1942-2018, bulk 1942-1946, NMAH.AC.1483
Paul R. Strain Columbian Exposition Diary, 1893, NMAH.AC.0330
Strand Theatre Collection, 1927-1943, NMAH.AC.1490
Rob and Julie Strasser Collection, 1970-1989, NMAH.AC.0525
Alan Strauber Photo Prints, circa 1990-1999, NMAH.AC.0517
Billy Strayhorn Ephemera Collection, 1965-1969, NMAH.AC.0383
Lloyd A. Strickland Collection of 1936 Olympics Souvenir Materials, 1936, NMAH.AC.0743
Donald J. Stubblebine Collection of Musical Theater and Motion Picture Music and Ephemera, 1843-2010, NMAH.AC.1211
Leon Stuck Photo Album, 1927-1928, NMAH.AC.1008
Robert Studebaker Oral History, 1998, NMAH.AC.0670
James Stutsman Band Book Collection, 1875, NMAH.AC.0258
Jose Sueiro Collection of Washington, D.C. Spanish Language Newspapers, 1982-1987 (bulk 1985-1987), NMAH.AC.1235
W. Oscar Sullivan Papers, 1900-1960, NMAH.AC.0072
Donald H. Sultner-Welles Collection, 1790-1981, NMAH.AC.0145
Sumner Hosiery Mill Records, 1946-1957, NMAH.AC.0719
Ming-Ju Sun Garfinkel's Fashion Drawings, 1972-2002, NMAH.AC.0897
Superconducting Super Collider Collection, 1985-1992, NMAH.AC.0538
Superman Comic Book Collection, 1930s-1985, NMAH.AC.0274
Surveying Book, 1807, NMAH.AC.0034
Fannie Sutter Photograph Album, 1919-1921, NMAH.AC.1325
John G. Sutton Papers, circa 1903-1961, NMAH.AC.0994
Janese Swanson Innovative Lives Presentation and Oral History, 1998, NMAH.AC.0642
Swatara Railroad Papers, 1805-1894, NMAH.AC.0272
Kenneth M. Swezey Papers, 1891-1988, NMAH.AC.0047
Marshall Sylvia Amateur Snapshot Collection, 1936-1937, NMAH.AC.0319
Syntex Collection of Pharmaceutical Advertisements, 1962-1978, NMAH.AC.0821
Louis Szalay Advertising Art Collection, 1965-1968, NMAH.AC. 0412


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Charles Sumner Tainter Papers, 1878-1937, NMAH.AC.0124
"Tantalus" Synchrotron Radiation Source Collection, 1940-1995, NMAH.AC.0532
Target Stores Collection of Fashion Advertising using Disabled Models, 1990-1991, NMAH.AC.0436
Arthur Taussig "The Museum Project" Photoprints, circa 1995-2015, NMAH.AC.1396
Telescoping Shopping Cart Collection, 1946-1983, 2000, NMAH.AC.0739
William Dandridge Terrell Papers, 1911-1965, NMAH.AC.0097
Texas Instruments Reference Collection, 1950-1985, NMAH.AC.0697
Theatre Program Scrapbooks, 1893-1948, undated (bulk 1897-1918), NMAH.AC.1205
Art Thieme Folk Music Slides, circa 1960s-1990s, NMAH.AC.1239
Records of Think Surgical, Inc., 1983-2014, NMAH.AC.1378
Thomajan Advertising Collection, 1951-1967, NMAH.AC.0643
John Thomas Collection of TV Commercials, circa 1960s-1970s (bulk 1972-1976), NMAH.AC.1324
Seth Thomas Clock Company Records, 1835-1928, NMAH.AC.0627
Thompson Products Company Calendar Lithographs, 1976-1986, NMAH.AC.0574
Elihu Thomson Collection, 1900-1932, NMAH.AC.0103
3M Megaphone Collection, 1941-1977, NMAH.AC.1322
Thrivent Financial Collection, 1902-2014, NMAH.AC.1418
Timken Roller Bearing Company Collection, 1925-1957, NMAH.AC.0380
T-Net Records, 1983-2003, NMAH.AC.1255
S. Topalian Photo Prints, 1920s-1940s, NMAH.AC.0309
Vernon Torrence Collection, 1930-1957, NMAH.AC.0717
Bishop Mitsumyo Tottori Memorial Notebooks, 1943-2003, NMAH.AC.0926
Charles Townes Oral History, 1998, NMAH.AC.0673
Toussaint Louverture Collection, 1801-1805, undated, NMAH.AC.0781
Trade School Photographs, 1890, NMAH.AC.0141
Transportation Nitrate Negatives, 1925-1930, NMAH.AC.0790
Michael Travis Costume Design Collection, 1946-1987, NMAH.AC.1347
Treadwell Account Books, 1861-1865, NMAH.AC.26
Elmer Treloar Collection of Railroad Station Negatives, 1970-1973, NMAH.AC.1078
Charles W. Trigg Papers, 1834-1961, NMAH.AC.0411
Cyrus Trobbe Music Collection, circa 1900-1982, NMAH.AC.0242
Bobby Tucker Papers, 1949-1990, NMAH.AC.1141
Tommy Tucker the Squirrel Photographs and Ephemera, 1944-1954, NMAH.AC.1286
John R. Tumpak Big Band Oral History Collection, 1995-2007, NMAH.AC.1215
Kevin M. Tuohy Papers, 1897-1959, NMAH.AC.0317
Henry Grattan Tyrrell and Mary Maude Knox Tyrrell Papers, 1886-1941, NMAH.AC0.948
Earl S. Tupper Papers, 1908-1989, 2003, NMAH.AC.0470
Lynn Turner Family Photographs, 1865-1918, NMAH.AC.210


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U.S. Army Special Services Collection, 1924, 1945-1971, NMAH.AC.0785
U.S. Savings Bond Stamps Collection, 1949-1970, NMAH.AC.0758
U.S. Steel Corporation Photograph Albums, NMAH.AC.1037
Robert Udkoff Collection of Duke Ellington Ephemera, 1924-1990, NMAH.AC.0388
Underwood & Underwood Agriculture Photo Negative Collection, 1930s-1940s, NMAH.AC.0219
Underwood & Underwood Glass Stereograph Collection, 1895-1921, NMAH.AC.0143
Union Cooper Mining Company Letterpress Copy Book, 1903-1905, NMAH.AC.1006
United Shoe Machinery Corporation Records, 1898-1987, NMAH.AC.0277
United States Capitol Dome Drawings, 1855-1862, NMAH.AC.1010
United States Department of Agriculture Building Construction Glass Plate Negatives, 1906-1907, NMAH.AC.1096
United States Fish Commission Records, 1871-1892, NMAH.AC.0256
University of Pennsylvania Dental Collection, 1885-1935, NMAH.AC.0025
Grayce Uyehara Papers, 1975-2005, NMAH.AC.1480 


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A.R. Van Tassell Photograph Albums, 1900-1956, NMAH.AC.1015
Alexander Van Valen Papers, 1849-1850, NMAH.AC.0935
Rip Van Winkle Bridge Photographs, 1933-1935, NMAH.AC.1027
Russell H. Varian Papers, 1937, NMAH.AC.0110
John George Vasquez Papers, 1942-2005, NMAH.AC.0942
Sarah Vaughan Memorial Program, 1990, NMAH.AC.0384
Charlie Ventura Collection, 1950-1994, NMAH.AC.1308
David Vetter Collection, 1971-1986, NMAH.AC.1133
Teodoro Vidal Collection, 1592-1992, NMAH.AC.0712
Video Game Pioneers Oral History Collection, 2017-2018, NMAH.AC.1498
Video Press Kits Collection, 1980-2000, NMAH.AC.0748
Manny Villafaña Papers, 1961-2014, NMAH.AC.1340
Dylan Vitone Panoramic Photographs, circa 2004-2007, NMAH.AC.1200
Joseph Vitone "Family Records", 1998-2004, NMAH.AC.0883
Diane Vogt-O'Connor Lantern Slide Collection,  circa 1910, NMAH.AC.0280
Walter M. Voigt Brewing Industry Collection, 1935-1967, NMAH.AC.1195


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Emile Waagenaar Photoprints of Cajun Musicians: digital prints, 1980-2008, NMAH.AC.1150
Wade in the Water Radio Series Collection, 1994, NMAH.AC.0516
Wagon-Maker's Account Book, 1834-1869, NMAH.AC.0151
Wainwright Family Papers, 1777-1893, NMAH.AC.0244
Hal Walker Innovative Lives Presentation, 1995, NMAH.AC.0602
Dr. Jerome Walker Papers, 1864-1917, NMAH.AC.1408
John B. Walker Cut-Outs Collection, 1815-1908, NMAH.AC0.249
WANN Radio Station Records, 1946-1997, NMAH.AC.0800
War Production Board Records, 1943-1945, NMAH.AC.0341
Marcus Ward & Company News clipping Scrapbooks, 1800-1899, NMAH.AC.0037
Ward's Garage Records, 1946-1962, NMAH.AC.0783
Frank H. Waring Papers, 1959-1993, NMAH.AC.0895
Harry Warnecke New York News Sunday Coloroto Magazines, 1942-1969, NMAH.AC.0664
Harry Warren Collection, 1909-2000, NMAH.AC.0750
Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, 1724-1965, NMAH.AC.0060
Washburn Wire Company, Inc. Collection, 1934-1979, NMAH.AC.0074
Washington Cathedral Stained Glass Collection, 1928-1933, NMAH.AC.0090
Washington, D.C.: Photoprints, 1990-1996, NMAH.AC.0805
Washington Navy Yard Optical Shop Photo prints, 1940s-1961, NMAH.AC.0252
Washington Postcards, circa 1906, NMAH.AC.0413
Washington Society of Engineers Records, 1905-1985, NMAH.AC.0972
Washington Steel Company Records, 1940-1960, NMAH.AC.1443
Washington Steel Film Collection, 1957-1966, NMAH.AC.0730
Colonel William Augustine Washington Papers, 1789-1840, NMAH.AC.0174
Washington, D.C. Bridges Collection, 1900-1905, NMAH.AC.1095
Paul G. Watson Collection, 1960-1965, NMAH.AC.0104
Alice Weber Photograph Albums, 1945-1948, NMAH.AC.1144
Martin J. Weber Graphic Arts Collection, 1931-1980, NMAH.AC.1209
Records of Wedge Innovations, 1985-1996, NMAH.AC.0534
Robert Lee Weide Photographs, 1910-1933, NMAH.AC.1012
Leon Weinraub Chicago World's Fair Scrapbook, 1933, NMAH.AC.0746
Audrey Wells "Women in Jazz" Radio Series, 1981-1982, NMAH.AC.0899
Carl Auer von Welsbach Letter, 1890, NMAH.AC.0438
Carlos de Wendler-Funaro Gypsy Research Collection, circa 1920-1975, NMAH.AC.0161
West Coast Computer Faire Collection, 1977, 1980, NMAH.AC.1118
Westerbrook Theatre Corporation Records, 1934-1950, NMAH.AC.1296
West Virginia General Store Daybook, 1879-1880, NMAH.AC.0142
Western Electric Company Photograph Album, 1925, NMAH.AC.1036
Western Union Telegraph Company Records, 1820-1995, NMAH.AC.0205
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company Records, 1881-1950, NMAH.AC.0977
Westinghouse Philippines Power Mission Photo Album, 1947 NMAH.AC.1035
Robert Wetherill Company Records, circa 1875-1930, NMAH.AC.0992
Tom Whaley Collection, 1941-1979, NMAH.AC.0652
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Photographs, 1925-1942, NMAH.AC.1075
Whirlwind Computer Collection, 1945-1959, NMAH.AC.0290
Charles Baldwin White Trademark Collection, 1920-1940, NMAH.AC.0182
John H. White, Jr. Railroad Reference Collection, 1880s-1990, NMAH.AC.0523
White, Edmunds, and Fallen Family Papers, 1909 (bulk 1945-1979), NMAH.AC.1444
John Whitman Christmas Diskette Collection, 1983, NMAH.AC.0091
Whitman's Chocolates Collection, 1878-1954, NMAH.AC.0437
Baxter D. Whitney Collection, 1870-1957, NMAH.AC.0267
George Eli Whitney Papers, 1898-1957, NMAH.AC.0463
"Who's in Charge?" Exhibition Memory Books, 1996, NMAH.AC.0649
Virgil Whyte "All-Girl" Band Collection, 1942-1948, 1991-1993, NMAH.AC.0503
Nathaniel Greene Wilcox Collection, 1843-1892, 1921, NMAH.AC.0030
John Wiley Appalachian Trail Lantern Slides and Maps, 1904-1953, NMAH.AC.1194
J. Walter Wilkinson Papers, 1932-1935, 1940-1964, 1985-1987, NMAH.AC.0116
Claude Williams Papers, circa 1920-2004, NMAH.AC.0909
Willow Grove Park Association Collection, 1910, 1929, NMAH.AC.0362
Willys-Overland Company Photographs, 1914-1917, NMAH.AC.1442
Raymond E. Wilson Covered Bridge Collection, 1958-1974, NMAH.AC.0999
Ross Winans' Letter book, 1850-1851, NMAH.AC.0155
Windsor & Ford Business Records, 1859-1906, NMAH.AC.0019
Armand G. Winfield Papers, 1960-1980, NMAH.AC.1271
Dr. Randolph Winslow Collection, 1868-1924, NMAH.AC.0150
Joseph Pope Winslow Diary, 1876, NMAH.AC.0467
Winton-Anderson Scrapbook Collection, 1890s-1920s, NMAH.AC.0122
Milton K. Wirtz, D.D.S., Artificial Eye Collection, 1941-1947, 1973-1988, NMAH.AC.0501
Brownie Wise Papers, circa 1928-1968, NMAH.AC.0509
Wiss & Sons Company Records, 1921-1925, 1948, NMAH.AC.0172
Mr. Wizard Papers, 1906-2008 (bulk 1951-1995), NMAH.AC.1326
Bob Wobbrock Gardena High School Papers,1952-1956, undated, NMAH.AC.0932
Francis Wolff Jazz Photoprints, 1953-1966, NMAH.AC.1238
Jan Wolff Collection of New York City Photographic Postcards, 1927-1930, NMAH.AC.1165
Eleanor Wolpe Matchbook Collection, 1950-1990, NMAH.AC.0524
Women in Industry Photographs,  1890-1981, bulk 1940s, NMAH.AC.1446
Women's Auxiliary of the National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Records, 1919-2015, NMAH.AC.1304
Wood & Brooks Company Records, 1925-1966, NMAH.AC.0457
A. Bernie Wood Papers, 1942-2001 (bulk 1960s), NMAH.AC.0962
Charles Edwards Wood Panama Canal Photograph Album, NMAH.AC.1114
Richard Carver Wood Photographs, circa 1930s-1950, NMAH.AC.0964
Silas H. Woodard Collection, circa 1899-1932, NMAH.AC.1038
N. Joseph Woodland Papers, 1943-2012, NMAH.AC.1433
Woodward Governor Company Records, circa 1902-1953, NMAH.AC.1094
William E. Woodard Patents, 1909-1949, NMAH.AC.0125
Hugo Worch Piano Photographs, undated NMAH.AC.1452
World AIDS Institute Collection, 1986-2012, NMAH.AC.1266
World War One Theater Lantern Slides, 1914-1925, NMAH.AC.1294
World War II Exhibition Memory Books, 1995, NMAH.AC.0549
B. H. Worsley Collection, 1946-1959, NMAH.AC.0237
Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation Records, 1859-1960, NMAH.AC.0916
Worthington Pump and Machinery Engineering Records, 1955-1970, NMAH.AC.0947
Wurlitzer Company Records, 1860-1984, NMAH.AC.0469
Henry Wurtz Papers, 1733, 1861-1885, NMAH.AC.0006

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Yadkin River Dam Photograph Album, 1916-1917, NMAH.AC.1041
Tomas Ybarra-Frausto Calendar Collection, circa 1938-1998, NMAH.AC.0660
Samuel Yellin Collection, circa 1928-1930, 1971-1975, NMAH.AC.0254
InBae Yoon Papers, circa 1970-2009 NMAH.AC.1414
Young Family Home Movies, circa 1926-1939, NMAH.AC.0718 
Quin Shen Yu Papers, 1916-2012, NMAH.AC.1487


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Dolores Valdy-Zacky Papers, 1955-1999, NMAH.AC.1394
Zembo Shrine (Harrisburg, PA) Photographs, 1949-1959,  NMAH.AC.1399
Larry Zim World's Fair Collection, 1841-1988, NMAH.AC.0519
Zippo Lighter Advertising Collection, 1937-1998, NMAH.AC.0094 
Victor I. Zuck Electronic Organ Collection, 1935-1964, NMAH.AC.1489


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