A seat with a view

Check out this photo of the frame for the bench that will be part of the new Star-Spangled Banner viewing gallery. The artist’s rendering below shows you what it will look like when it’s done. We know that people need a place to sit down, especially in huge museums like NMAH. But often it’s hard to find a good spot for a bench that doesn’t block traffic flow or limit the amount of space we have to display objects and tell stories. We think this bench is a great compromise, which will give you a fantastic view of the flag without creating a traffic jam for the hundreds of people we expect to be sharing this space at any one time. And if you come see us in, say, early February before tourist season really starts? You might be able to come have a seat on our bench and enjoy a serene, beautiful view all by yourself!

Bench_4 Bench2_5

Harry Kashdan is an intern with the New Media Program.