Passing the 90-day mark

We talk a lot about the structural improvements to the museum, and we’ve mentioned a bit of how operations will be improved, but everyone knows that the real heart and soul are the exhibits. I’m sitting at my desk in the New Media office looking at a construction work plan for the next few weeks, and these entries caught my eye:

“Lighting and electrical service being restored – by 9/2”
“NMAH exhibition contractor starts 9/3”
“Schedule walk-thru with NMAH exhibit designer”

This is the really exciting stuff – exhibits being reopened, redesigned, and revealed to the public after two long years without access to one of the greatest collections of artifacts in the world. Seeing these entries really brought home how close we are to opening again. We've only got 78 days to go.  What are you most excited to see when our doors open on November 21?

Harry Kashdan is an intern with the New Media Program.  He’s most excited to see the trains without plastic sheeting over them.