An inaugural slideshow

With millions of people on the National Mall to watch the presidential inauguration ceremonies, it’s perhaps no surprise that the museum welcomed over 100,000 people inside its doors over the long weekend (Jan. 17-20). From costumed presidents Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson to groups of visitors from around the country, it seemed that every inch of the building was filled with people. Some came to take in our exhibitions—including two new ones focused on Abraham Lincoln. Others came to participate in special programs like the “Stand Up and Break Your Silence” theatrical presentation featuring the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or the “Inaugural Moments” spoken-word program filled with anecdotes, speeches, and poetry from historical inaugurations. 

And starting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, still more folks came inside just to warm their cold hands and rest their tired feet—and ended up taking in the sounds and images from a live feed of the inauguration ceremonies happening just a few blocks east of the museum. A favorite quote from the day: “I love history!” from a young woman coming in from the cold around 8:20 am after she was greeted and told about hot breakfast downstairs.

Here are just a few of our favorite Flickr photos taken by museum staffers and visitors.

Did you pay the museum a visit during the past few days? Share your photos by adding them to the museum’s Flickr group or share your experiences in words using the comment form below.

Dana Allen-Greil is the new media project manager at the National Museum of American History. Her favorite inaugural moment? Catching some of the “We are one” concert from the Washington Monument with a few hundred thousand of her closest friends.

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