What makes America... America?

Hello, I’m David Allison, Associate David Allison, Associate  Director for Curatorial AffairsDirector for Curatorial Affairs. Here at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, we believe that historical perspective is the key to understanding the many peoples, cultures, traditions, and events that have made our society increasingly pluralistic, but still unified as one nation. And we are committed to making our many exhibitions, programs, and online offerings not only engaging but also relevant.

To succeed, we need your help! We are currently rethinking our strategic plan for the future and charting our course over the next five years. So this month, we’re asking ourselves, our blog readers, our social media followers, our e-newsletter subscribers, and our visitors on the museum floor to respond to the two questions below.

Please respond to these questions in this short poll. 

  1. When you think about America, what three objects or images come to mind?
  2. What inspires you about America and helps define its essential character?

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What will we do with your answers? We’ll take them into deep consideration as we build our plan for the future. We’ll also write another blog post sharing what we heard from you. We’ll point out major trends that emerge and explain how they inspire us to think more deeply about who we are and where we’re going.

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