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Separate Is not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education Electronic Field Trip was broadcast on the Internet on May 19, 2004. There were two 50 minute broadcasts, one for middle school students and one for high school students.
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Facilitator's Guide (.pdf)
Bilbiography (.pdf)
Timeline (.pdf)



Teacher's Guide (.pdf)


Unit One

Teacher Briefing Sheet: Lesson Plan One (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: 15th Amendment Print (.pdf)
Student Handout: Jim Crow Laws (.pdf)
15th Amendment Print (.pdf)
Photograph: Movie Theater, Belzoni, Miss.(.pdf)
Photograph: Ku Klux Klan March (.pdf)
Photograph: No Beer Sold to Indians (.pdf)
Political Cartoon: One Vote Less (.pdf)
13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments Text (.pdf)
Unit Two
Photograph: Exterior of White School (.pdf)
Photograph: Exterior of Black School (.pdf)
Photograph: Interior of White School (.pdf)
Photograph: Interior of Black School (.pdf)
Unit Three
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Lesson Plan Three (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Howard University (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: NAACP (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Charles Hamilton Houston (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Thurgood Marshall (.pdf)
Student Handout: Poster Planning Sheet (.pdf)
Photograph: Howard University Campus (.pdf)
Photograph: Howard University Law School(.pdf)
Photograph: Howard University Law Professors (.pdf)
Photograph: NAACP Lawyers (.pdf)
Object Photo: NAACP in Action Pamphlet (.pdf)
Object Photo: NAACP Button (.pdf)
Photograph: Thurgood Marshall (.pdf)
Object Photo: Marshall’s Law Books (.pdf)
Photograph: Hayes, Marshall, Nabrit on Supreme Court Steps (.pdf)
Photograph: Houston in Court (.pdf)
Object Photo: Houston’s Business Card(.pdf)
Object Photo: Houston’s Typewriter(.pdf)
Unit Four
Teacher Briefing Sheet: S.C. Case (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Kans. Case (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Va. Case (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Del. Case (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: D.C. Case (.pdf)
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Additional Activity (.pdf)
Student Handout: Five Communities Research Sheet (.pdf)
Unit Five
Student Handout: Integrationist Arguments (.pdf)
Student Handout: Segregationist Arguments(.pdf)
Student Handout: Integrationist Biographies (.pdf)
Student Handout: Segregationist Biographies (.pdf)
Student Handout: Supreme Court Overview (.pdf)
Photograph: Nettie Hunt and Daughter (.pdf)
Unit Six
Teacher Briefing Sheet: Lesson Plan Six (.pdf)
Student Handout: Civil Rights and Education Research Topics (.pdf)
Political Cartoon: Schoolchildren Pushing Against Door(.pdf)
Political Cartoon: Racehorse (.pdf)
Political Cartoon: Marshall on Train (.pdf)
Editorial: Washington Afro (.pdf)
Editorial: The Clarion-Ledger (.pdf)
Editorial: The Boston Globe (.pdf)
Editorial: The Omaha Star (.pdf)
Object Photo: Rockwell Print (.pdf)