Separate Is Not Equal - Brown v. Board of Education

Smithsonian National Museum of American History Behring Center



Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography includes information about related Web resources and teacher materials, as well as fiction and non-fiction books for children, young adults, and adults.

Brown v. Board of Education Timeline

The timeline provides an overview of events related to Brown v. Board of Education, from 1849-2003.

Project Essay (.pdf)
This essay by project co-curator Alonzo Smith develops some of the major themes presented in the Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education exhibition and Web site.

Teacher’s Guide
The teacher’s guide complements the curriculum from Reconstruction through the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to today. Each unit begins with background information for the teacher based on the museum’s Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education exhibition. Following the narrative are suggested lesson plans. All of the lessons address the historical thinking standards of chronological thinking, historical comprehension, historical analysis and interpretation, and historical issues and decision-making. Along with the guide you will find images, teacher briefing sheets, ands student handouts that accompany each unit.

Electronic Field Trips

Two 50 minute broadcasts, one for middle school students and one for high school students were broadcast on the Internet on May 19, 2004. The archived field trips include a special tour of the Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education exhibition by curators Alonzo Smith and Harry Rubenstein, film footage from the exhibition, and a Q&A session between curators, and school children from around the country.

For Visiting School Groups

The Museum invites students to connect with people, ideas, and events of the past through an exciting array of standards-based programs.