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  • This project is a collective effort of the staff of the National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center.

Project Team

  • Magdalena Mieri, Director, Program in Latino History and Culture
  • Carrie Kotcho, Chief, Education Outreach
  • Jenny Wei, Education Specialist
  • Matt Ringelstetter, New Media Assistant
  • Lauren Safranek, Researcher and Writer
  • Caitlin Donnelly, Researcher
  • Vanessa Caceres, ESL Teacher
  • Harry Rubenstein, Chair and Curator, Division of Political History
  • Lolita Thomas, Fund Manager
  • Amy Bartow-Melia, Associate Director, Department of Public Programs
  • Howard Morrison, Director, Department of Education and Interpretation
  • Melinda Machado, Director, Office of Public Affairs

Website design and production

  • Night Kitchen Interactive

Special thanks to our colleagues from the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

  • Alanna Rosenberg, Laura Patching, Nathaniel Stiefel, Luis Roig, Donna Vanderhoff, and Michael Jones
  • For image references and credits, click here.