The Pennsylvania Thirteenth

The Pennsylvania Thirteenth

Civil War Field Printing

Soldier newspaper of the Pennsylvania 13th, February 15, 1862, at Camp Tennallytown (aka Tenleytown today), Washington, D.C.

Courtesy Library and Archives Division, Sen. John Heinz History Center

Private Henry Peterman of Company A illustrated and presumably cut the wood block for this image. The Pennsylvania Thirteenth described the unit as having used an Adams Cottage printing press. It was also one of the few units to have prepared an illustration showing the unit printing shop. Their soldier newspaper, prepared for the benefit of both the unit and family back home, was printed between November 9, 1861, and February 22, 1862. Fourteen issues were printed. The last issue includes a note reading:

“Something’s Up. – Judging from appearances, our regiment will be on the march in a very few days. Secret orders have been issued from Brigade Headquarters, midnight councils of commanding officers have been held, company officers were busy ascertaining the wants of their men-a thing which should have been attended to long ago – ammunition, accoutrements, &c., drawn from proper stores, and everything pertaining to active service attended to. When and where we are going is a matter known only to the “powers that be,” hence we can throw no light upon our future destination, but we predict that ere another week we will see the spires of Richmond or some other equally important place.”
Those who remained in the unit after the war ended were mustered out on June 28, 1865.