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In 1988 i called John Dobson and asked him to build me an Odyssey scope, as it turned out he had just shut down his business to work on a big project something to do with mirrors for the government. He said because i called at the right time (his project had not started yet) he would make the last 18 Odyssey scope he would ever make,and he would make it for me. 11 months later john called me to say my scope was on it's way to me. he said he had 'tweaked" the mirror so it was the fastest he had ever made,( he said it had something to do with the specs of a scope he called the Hubble) and i should name it little Hubble. i didn't know what he meant at the time but soon did. This scope is unbelievably fast. I have pictures of every one who looks through it for the first time and there jaws are dropped " i mean literally dropped". This scope is my prize possession.I thank god i chose that day to call John he literally changed my life for ever by bringing me great joy at seeing the universe like only a few can.