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Thomas Hart of Ipswich came to this country on the Desiree. His mother did not come with him. Thomas Hart of Lynnfield,, not of the same family, came with his mother who was accused of witchcraft. Thomas Hart was the first selectman, first town clerk, member of the militia, a tanner (businessman) and owner of a ninth share of Plum Island. He, his wife, Alice, their children and their spouses are all buried in the Old Town Cemetery in Ipswich. The Harts have served to protect this territory (country) since King Phillip's War. My son continues that service with the U.S. Navy where he was Captain of the first C-130 flown in combat (in Iraq). Hart's Location in New Hampshire was awarded to Col. John Hart for his service in the French and Indian Wars. The Hart family was aligned with all of the historic Colonial families and for their military service are eligible for membership in the descendants' war memorial societies from Colonial days to today, including the Society de Cincinnati. Sincerely, Louise Hart Thomas Sr. 1, Thomas Jr. 2, Samuel 3, John 4, Joseph 5, Nathaniel 6, Simon 7, Ernest L. 8, Ernest F. 9, Louise 10