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"Hi Pat, I'm Joel....orig. from Nebraska but for years now, southern Arizona. I enjoyed your post you wrote regarding your experiences with Asthmador. My beloved Grandfather had severe emphysema in his latter years. This disease finally took him in '75....after years of suffering while living on his farm in northeast Nebraska. I distinctly remember him using Asthmador daily throughout the 1960' really helped him. It also made a mild-mannered, proper gentleman turn into somewhat of a stand-up comedian who enjoyed shocking us with some pretty "racy " jokes....something he would never do while not "on " Asthmador. I have written a long post about this and submitted it for approval. Hopefully it will, and if you get a chance...look for it soon in here, I think you'll find reading it will be worth your while. Your comment about some teens getting busted for smoking marijuana in a movie theatre you were in too, caught my attention. You mentioned that you believed that the old Asthamador product smelled "just LIKE that marijuana. are SPOT ON! I confess to being a wild teen and young adult who thoroughly enjoyed smoking quite a bit of "weed " many years ago, and the first time I was around someone smoking marijuana I too was fascinated that "it smelled just like marijuana, too ". My guess is that what the common-denominator is between marijuana and asthmador is the "Bella Donna " weed in it. Native American Indians and early ranchers on the prairies and plains called Bella Donna...which was also known as "Jimson Weed "........LOCO WEED (loco means "crazy " in Spanish). Those early Indians and ranchers claimed that "Loco Weed " would make their horses often go "crazy " and would often kill the poor animals if they ingested too much by accident. I would like to find out why Asthmador was finally taken off the market, because if you read all these posts, it seems it was a product that worked wonders for everybody! Probably the fact that it had Jimson Weed in it...which was likely the most beneficial ingredient in it, makes it illegal to sell anymore. What a shame. wrote a nice post which I truly enjoyed! God Bless joel in tucson"