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If the internal label is intact that will tell you a lot. Even if it appears plain a person specializing in books and printing could tell you how old the paper label is or narrow the years by the ink or inking style. You also mentioned it was stamped, the kind of stamping technique can have indications of age. For instance, if it was hot stamped you might be able to tell if the stamp was handmade by perhaps the letters not being perfectly level. Your best bet would be to bring it to a luthier for a tune-up and ask if they can inspect and make notes about construction, wood types, and any miscellaneous notes. (Also you might want this insured so ask for an appraisal too.) I would also inspect your family photos, your Grandmother was probably very proud of this violin and may have it in a photo or two. Another method is if you know when she started playing, for instance age 6, she wouldn't have started with a full-size violin and you might be able to estimate the age she would have bought a full-size violin.