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"We also have a bottle of Chelf's Celery Caffein Compound in our collection. It is an earlier version of the product pictured here. The cobalt blue bottle is embossed on the back, has a cork stopper and a paper label. The printed paper label can provide a lot of information to help with dating. Our bottle's label clearly states "New Label Adopted October 1st, 1908. " The label also states the amount of acetanilid present, a requirement of the 1906 Food and Drugs Act. I have not found a reference to Chelf's Compound before this time, although celery remedies of all sorts were popular in the late 19th century (celery colas, tonics, bitters and so on). By 1929, the date of the bottle pictured here, Chelf's Celery Caffein Compound has been become Chelf's C. C. Compound. The printed paper label no longer features a stalk of celery, although it does say "Flavored with Celery. " Each ounce still contains 15 & 3/10 grains acetanilid, a dangerous drug. Better to stick with celery. "