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My father had this exact model slide shown here. He was a radio mechanic in the Army Air Corp during WWII primarily stationed at Laughlin Air Base. After discharge from the Army Air Corp after the war he worked as a machinist for a while in Dallas. I do not know whether he used this during the time he was a radio mechanic or a machinist. I just remember it being in his chest of drawers. Once he took it out and explained to me that it was a slide rule. I would rummage through his drawers from time to time looking at all the unusual and neat things he collected and saved. I always admired this slide rule. He died in 1991. I now have his slide rule. It brings me great joy knowing I have it. I'm now 74 and never learned how to use it. I took it our of my chest of drawers today and my plan is to teach myself how to use it. I'm thrilled. Thanks for letting me share a memory.