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I bought my first Apple II in about 1980, soon after they were released. Apple opened a store in the brand new Celanase Building, the last of the Rockefeller Center towers on 6th Avenue in New York. The only thing I learned how to use was Visicalc which was very difficult as the instructions were in scenario form. I.e. 'if you want to do this specific project, then this is how to do it'. So, if your need was not one of the listed projects one had to go through the ones available and pick out the steps related to your own project. I had just been parachuted in from Montreal to take over our New York operation of about 300 people in a professional business. Needless to say the locals were not enamored of this Canadian being their new boss When it came time for salary increases and production review their simple plea was how their business grew from the prior year. I had hints that some had poor years before that. So I set up Visicalc to give me 'year-over-year-over year' comparisons. The staff could not understand how I knew all this as a newbie and it gave me great credibility.