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I bought one new in 1968 as a UCLA undergrad, and I still have it. Mine is probably one of the last doctoral theses typed on a manual typewriter (Dec. 1978) I selected the Classic 12 because of the extra-wide 12" platen that could accommodate either 11x17 computer paper or 8.5x11 paper sideways, and because of the two changeable type keys, which support the mathematical symbols I needed, as a physics major. When I bought it I had the fixed 1/4 / 1/2 key replaced with +/=, so that I would not have to tie up a changeable type key with +/=, which I use/used a lot. I still like it for things like envelope addressing, and my wife had me show it to our younger grandson when she was reading him a kids' book, "Click, clack,moo, cows that type."