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Check out --El cortito banned, TX State Legislature 1981. * Priority at Ist UFW-TX Convention 1979 ( other UFW legislative priorities included: Workers Comp, Unemployment Comp; Minimum Wage increase; toilets and water in the fields-- see subsequent campaigns, bill filings, court cases-- 1981, '83, '85;and continuing) ** 1981 TX Legislative session --United Farm Workers (UFW) & National Farm Worker Ministry staff : Sisters Marie-Thérèse "Tess" Browne, OSF & Carol Anne Messina, SCN ( deceased Jan 1984) principal lobbyists with TRLA ( Texas Rural Legal Aid) staff. ** UFW-TX Director: Rebecca Flores Harrington ** UFW-TX Farmworkers giving testimony included Juanita Valdez Cox, former child farmworker; currently Executive Director LUPE, San Juan, TX ** Medical expert testimony included Dr David Kibbe, M.D., McAllen TX ** Critical statewide support organizations and groups included: TX Catholic Conference; TX Conference if Churches- Farm Worker Working Group/ Committee; Las Hermanas; PADRES; MACC; UT-Austin Catholic Campus Ministry; Dominican Sisters, Houston;; UFW Support Committees in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio and others. From :Tess Browne ( Marie-Thérèse Browne, SCN) 69 Post Island Rd Quincy MA 02169a4