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Thank you for helping me identify the origins of some glass bottle fragments I have found! I'm in Queensland, Australia - a little town called Boonah, about 100kms south of the capital city Brisbane. This area was first settled in 1850s, and populated mostly by German immigrants arriving from mid-1850s until the 1880s. I am the current owner of a cattle property (ie. ranch) that has been in our family since 1870s. After severe drought conditions and a huge bush-fire, I have recently found fragments of pottery and glass, on what has obviously been an old home-site (not recorded in our family history). I've found shards of glass, from a broken bottle, with embossed lettering "CHAM..." and underneath this "COUGH" and on another fragment "DES MO...". Thinking a bit laterally, and doing a search on "Chambers, Cough, Des Moines", I was delighted to find your website! The dates you give for manufacture of this product match nicely with a back-mark on a shard of pottery - an English Burgess and Leigh mark that was only used between 1906-1912. For your added information about this Chamberlain cough remedy - it obviously was available in this region of Australia, and being used in - what was then - a fairly remote pioneering settlement. Thanks for your help!