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My father did a lot of old time first aid treatment, in fact both of my parents did. I had a sore on my ankle once that would not heal. BFI was the only thing that would get it because it was sort of a weepy injury, it just kept getting bumped and remained wet. I learn to use it that it for anything that was kind of wet and not very deep. Worked like a charm and then I met a woman who had many many dogs, she was a breeder who only fed them species appropriate food and mostly doctored the broods herself. She told me BFI I was the only thing you could put on them, for hot spots etc., because dogs, “worry their wounds” (lick them). I just got a very strange type of irritation, on the top of one of my feet where the bone kind of protrudes. BFI healed it quick and at 70, I don’t heal that quickly. It was amazing. The wound was painful and I needed to be barefoot or in flip-flops, so it was not convenient in winter time. I have only one bottle left I gave the other to the dog lady but I would sure like to find more. 300 bucks on eBay just won’t do !