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In the 1960s, I occasionally worked as copyist for a composer at the University of Georgia, reproducing in a legible hand his scores and parts. In 1971, I was traveling the US as a singer-songwriter, and at one point I needed to find an additional source of income. Passing near Boulder, CO, I called the music department at the University of Colorado, and spoke with a gentleman whom I asked about possible opportunities for copying music. He laughed heartily and told me that he had no need of my services because he had invented the music typewriter! I didn't recall his name afterwards. Just today (3/19/19), via Google, I learned that the inventor was Robert H. Keaton, of San Francisco, CA. I haven't been able to find out if this was the gentleman I spoke with, and if he was at the U of CO in 1971. I'd be grateful if you could enlighten me on this matter.