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Two comments: (1) See my correction to comments posted. (2) I visited this Monday, April 1st, 2019, and spent an hour+ looking at and photographing the 1401. That was probably my tenth (10th) visit over the decades. The sound effects are great but previously you included sound of a steam locomotive accelerating away from a passenger station. That sound track was great, I miss it. I made an error in my just-posted comment (corrected version below). The 1401 powered FDR's funeral train between Greenville, SC and Salisbury, NC ... NOT between Warm Springs and Atlanta, Georgia. Also, the ten locomotives were (8) Ps-4 including the 1401 and (2) older Ps-2: "Preservation of this locomotive is especially significant because the Southern 1401 was the leading locomotive (of two Ps-4 Pacific-type) that pulled the Presidential funeral train of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from Greenville, South Carolina to Salisbury, North Carolina, on April 13, 1945. FDR had passed away the previous day. Eight Ps-4 and two Ps-2 steam locomotives were used by Southern Railway to move that train, in pairs over five districts between Warm Springs and Washington, D.C. The other nine locomotives, like most Southern Railway steam locomotives, were all scrapped as dieselization progressed."