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I had a silver bracelet with the name of Sgt. Kenneth Johnson, but I do not remember the dates that were on it, but remember thinking to myself that he had not been gone for very long. I was in junior high school when I got mine (1972-1974) and wore it for a few years. I guess from all the wear of putting it on and taking it off daily to shower etc., it snapped in half and so after keeping the pieces into my twenties I finally got rid of it. I'm reading here that some people were able to reach out to their POW/MIA families but I don't ever remember hearing that this was even possible and so I never knew anything about him other than his name and am not sure if I would have known at the time, how to even try. I tried years later to see if I could find anything on with no luck. But I haven't forgotten (his name or his service) and today on Memorial Day 2019, I would like to put his name in the "internet archives of war hero's" of a soldier who fought for his and my country, and that whatever his outcome I am grateful. I participated in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce 1991 parade that welcomed and honored American troops back from the Gulf War. It was a special day with all the military equipment, music, and military flyover, but the most meaningful thing that day to me was to remember him (his name) again when two older Vietnam soldiers that were there recognized each other. The tears that flowed from them and everyone else around upon hearing their story including me, hit hard to see the bittersweetness of them being reunited and talking of those they knew that did not come back. I hope that Sgt. Kenneth was able to come home and lived a full life, but if not, that he was not completely forgotten. I know how real families are changed forever when their loved ones never come back, as my husband's Uncle was a pilot that was MIA and left a wife and three little girls to wonder about him until 1995 when it was confirmed that his plane had gone down behind enemy territory and most likely died immediately. So say prayers for all our hero soldiers either fallen in the line of duty or those that were able to come home. They are Patriots! #Forevergratefull #patriotsoldiers #patriotheros #neverforgotten #wwg1wga (in spirit)