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Greetings Joel E. (from AZ)! I thankee kindly for your compliment, and apologize for this overdue acknowledgement. It appears my manners have gone a'begging and are in serious need of an update! Tis true I tend to work in only 2 speeds - slow and slower - but doesn't excuse my lapse in proper etiquette. FYI: Here's another toddler tale of mine you might find amusing that is peripherally related* to my Mom and her Asthmador cigarettes (*probably a stretch but . . .). We had no television back in the day and I saw my first ever at a family friend's house at around the same age as noted in the other post. Obviously fascinated, I sat glued to the screen. When a commercial came on with 3 little mustached cartoon characters singing a catchy tune, "Cheery Beery Bo Bo Bo, National Bohemian Beer", I was even more entranced. Didn't know what beer was but sure liked the song! So much so that the following Sunday when my Dad told the congregation to rise for the next hymn, I did. I mean I really did, standing up on a pew and burst out in the one song I could remember. Yep! "Cheery Beery Bo . . ." (well, the Bible does say, "Make a joyful noise" yes?)! In retrospect, can't help wondering if inhaling second-hand smoke from Mama's Asthmador cigarettes might have had an adverse effect on me wee brain. Whaddaya think? :) Or maybe I was just a 'wild' tot (instead of 'teen' as you candidly confessed to being). BTW, my Dad, not so overjoyed by my ehhh . . . noise, cheerily paddled my behind!! Again thanks for the compliment. Oh and for the extra information about the Loco Weed. P.S. Now that marijuana is being legalized in some areas, do you reckon they'll bring Asthmador products back to the market??? Best to you and yours, Pat (me from NC)