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I have a 1763 French (Charleville?) musket with a 1746 hammer that has a mismatched upper clamp. It is also marked "B" on the lock. Could this be an inspection make of Bellegarde who according to Madame Campan (Marie Antionette's Lady-in-Waiting): "Messieurs de Bellegarde and de Monthieu. The first, a colonel and inspector of artillery, and the second, proprietor of a foundry at St. Etienne, were, under the Ministry of the Duc d’Aiguillon, condemned to imprisonment for twenty years and a day for having withdrawn from the arsenals of France, by order of the Duc de Choiseul, a vast number of muskets, as being of no value except as old iron, while in point of fact the greater part of those muskets were immediately embarked and sold to the Americans."