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I was born in 1941 and my mother used BFI powder always...she was the neighbourhood nurse and it was foremost in her first aide kit...but the biggest job the powder was used on was the year [in the 1960's] my aunt [she lived in Cochrane, Ontario] had breast cancer and had one breast aunt was in a real mess because the skin grafts kept failing...needless to say the other breast was over looked and because she was very heavy breasted she ended up with something like rot under it...when my mother arrived [she lived in Sudbury, Ontario] and saw the state sister was in she was livid [she then took over my aunt's care] mom sent my cousin to the drug store to get BFI powder and the rest was worked its magic and in no time it infection was cleared up...I am having a problem and would dearly love to get my hands on some...I wonder if it's available in Europe, it would be worth the trip.