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In 1948 while witling with my new B.S. pocket knife I managed to cut, nearly off, the tip of my left index finger. Quick trip to my local Dr's office, so he snipped it off the rest of the way. He sprinkled the wound with BFI Surgical Powder , wrapped it with gauze bandage and told me to change the dressing daily, and sprinkle it with BFI Powder, available from local Drug Store. I did as directed and the tip grew back with no sign of trauma. From that time till now I've never been without BFI in my Medicine Chest, just celebrated 80th birthday last June.One additional use for the powder came a few years later when I was covered with poison Ivy which was rapidly spreading all over my arms and hands. I swabbed the rash with Mercuric Chrome (also no longer available) and sprinkled it with BFI which stuck to the moist pimples. Within 24 hours the Ivy was healing and 48 hours later I was cured. All I have now are two nearly empty shakers of BFI, don't know how I'll manage without this Magic Powder.