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This particular artifact is in excellent condition and is fair reprensentaion of the mdl.1859 McClellen except its pommel and cantle brass arch covers. These protect the seams of those exposed areas and were offered as an "Officers Model" embellishment later along with leather covering of the rawhide seats. As the McClellen replaced the 1847 Grimsley in service and it had such arch coverings as well these may be a feature culled from War Time production for reasons of economy and expediency. In my personal opinion the 1859 is closer influenced by original mdl. 1833 Grimsley Dragoon saddle than the "Hussar" styles for 1841- 45- and '47 which were used and failed in between. The '33 was a "Spanish" rawhide tree complete with horn and had skirts and Brass stirrups. I have made a replica and others have as well there are only 2 photos extant to my knowledge.