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The earliest Rival Crock Pots had their own serial number and the quality control to go with it. Made in the United States and employees bought the very thing they laid hand to. There is a certain excellence to the materials and attention to detail that keeps the much used and loved items in families, generation after generation. I have an Avocado Green 3100/2, a Harvest Gold 3100, and a pale Avocado Green Magic Hostess 5310 that are still quite nice. The 3100/2 has a removable crock, the other two do not. After trying a new model "Crock Pot" (named so) a couple of weeks ago I had to return it. The smell was so toxic I was sick from it. Reading about hazards of newer appliances and seeing pictures of damage makes me so grateful to have the vintage models! I love to see people use their vintage Crock Pot at potlucks! It's like a warm hug! There was a time when everyone knew how to use one and no complicated direction was needed. Why change that? I love the history of Rival's beginnings as well.