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In the mid to late 1970's I worked in a small data processing department for a local bakery. We had a line printer that used the typical "green bar" continuous fan-fold forms, perforated along both sides to feed through the printer. I don't remember the printer make or model. It may have been IBM and may have been a drum printer. We did buy & use Moore forms and I have one of these old metal 16" rulers given to me by one of the paper reps who sold us the forms. I think I had a rather unique use for the metal ruler. The printer had two horizontal metal bars that the forms ran over and sometimes the printer would just stop for no apparent reason. I discovered I could use the metal ruler to make contact between the two metal bars of the printer & that contact would jump start the printer, getting it going again! Never did find out why the printer stopped or why using the ruler would get it going again, but have kept the ruler as a fond remembrance of those early days.