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Over 30 years ago my son was crawling and had pulled the cord to my curling iron, it fell and burned his hand. I immediately ran up to the pharmacy and was told by the pharmacist to use spiriti. I still remember the turquoise box on the shelf that was dusty and old looking but I grabbed it and headed home. I immediately put it on my sons hand which had started to blister I put a bandage on his hand. Then the next day I removed the bandage to check it and was amazed no blister! It was like it never happened! A month after my sons accident . My coworker missed 4days of work and was calling in to say she would not be able to come in again. I asked her if she was alright and she started crying, she explained she had used a hydroxy skin mask and it burned her skin so bad it blistered and scabbed and keeps cracking. She said how painful it was. I told her about the sprite and then had my husband bring her some spiriti. She said it was like a miracle and she came back to work two days later in awe of how unbelievable the stuff worked. Why would a product that was so incredible be unavailable in 2020? I would pay 100.00 to get a tube of sperti. Wish you could still buy it.